Seeking inner peace

Sieg left the park in a hurry and headed to one of the most crowded places he knew. The Colosseum. There were many spectators, some tourists, and quite a few netbattlers to boot.

- You alright?

Valkyrie was not in a good shape. Mentally, at least. While she was usually carefree, caring about to fulfill her own needs, she didn't say a word since that "incident" a few hours ago.

- How about, checking out whats going on?

The navi didn't respond, a nod was the only sign of her approval. Sieg was worried; the concept of Valkyrie being down seemed very alien for him. Well, there was something that almost worked, it might just do the trick once again.

- We could... join a battle...

- Yeah that'd be good...

"Well, she talked, didn't she? There is still some hope I guess." With tha thoughts in mind, Sieg wandered around the arena, searching for a good spot to jack in. A flyer caught his attention. It said something about an event called "Planeswalker". Well this should be something worthy of checking out...

- Valkyrie, jack in! Execute!
Sieg decided to check the replies on his help BBS. While he got a reply from Nikko, it seems that they have ran into some trouble, and need help fast...

- Valkyrie Jack out, I'm sending you to Yoka, fast!

- What? Why?

- Your little girlfriend needs help, thats why!

- Huh? Who...?

It seems that Valkyrie was still under herself...

- Nikko! You know, hyperactive catgirl with the tendency to bump into you?

- Aha. Jacking out.

Sieg quickly searched for a port that led to Yoka. He tried his luck with one of the stands that sold some special Yoka style sweets; after making a deal with the saleswoman he plugged the PET's cord, and sent Valkyrie to find Nikko as quickly as possible.
He agreed to busting with Timmy, but he was hesitating about wether or not should they meet in real life.

- So should we go to Scilab? We could just find a jack-in port here...
- Get off your scrawny ass and socialize more than "wanna battle? cool, lets fight!" for once!"

Sieg sighed, and got up from his comfortable seat (a bunch of boxes full of candy), ready to go to scilabs, for the third time today. He left the shop behind, and headed for the metro line.

- That "scrawny" thing hurt you know.
- Shut yer mouth and hurry up, will ya? I don't have all day hanging around when a battle awaits!
- *mumbling* You just want to see your little friend...
- You say something?
- Nothing!- said Sieg and quickened his pace.