Chris Harper Presents: Let's Bust! Homepage

The hompage was set up something like a theatre lobby. It was fairly spacious, with a few entrance and exit portals running along the "south" wall (south being a relative term). Upon entering, navis would walk by signs set up next to each, which read the following.

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Hi there, and welcome to the future home of Let's Bust!, a series of videos following my Navi, Nitro.EXE, and SP, TNT.SP (or Tina, as she prefers), on various Virus Busting runs all over the net, with commentary by both them and myself, Chris Harper.

For the live stream of our currently airing episode, head to the entrance directly across the lobby. To view previously recorded episodes, head to the private viewing rooms along either side of the lobby. If you'd like to leave a question, comment, or a suggestion for a future location, leave a message at the terminals in the center of the lobby. If you'd like to inquire about actually joining Nitro, Tina, and I on a future episode, drop us a line at, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks, and we all hope you enjoy your visit!

Chris Harper

Sure enough, across the room at the "north" wall of the lobby, there was a wide entrance in the wall, with a sign beside it advertising the currently airing episode, assuming one was in progress. Along the east and west walls, there were various smaller entrances, adorned with signs detailing which episode was down which hallway. In the center of the lobby, there stood a ring of six or so comment terminals, where visitors could comment on the show.

The room was somewhat large, with seats for about forty or so humanoid Navis. The arms between the seats along the back, however, could be lifted back to allow more space for larger, non-standard Navis, and the row could be set to move back for the same reason. Along the north wall of the room was a screen which displayed the currently streaming episode, and Navis viewing could comment on the show in progress with a handheld device obtained at the viewing room door, which was linked to the live chat Chris himself could read from his computer or PET, depending on where he was. Attempting to leave the room with said chat devices, however, would result in it disappearing and returning to the bin they were obtained from.

As one walked the doors leading to the private rooms for past episodes, they would see a few short hallways with eight or ten entrances leading to private rooms. As one walked through the door to one of these rooms, a scanner determined the build and number of users coming in, and provided appropriate seating, typically a somewhat cushiony couch. A screen would adorn the opposite wall similar to the live streaming room, and a remote control was provided upon entrance that the user could pause, rewind, fast forward, or play the video as they saw fit.