If you didn't know Roger at all, you would probably expect his Homepage to reflect his business: Office like, sterile looking walls, perhaps with some scientific equipment in the corner. If you did know Roger, however, you would probably expect his page to look like his home: Piles of junk in every corner, barely enough space to walk around, with files and attachments that have sat unopened for months or even years. But both of these assumptions would be, in fact, wrong. You see, Roger's homepage is in actuality the home of his navi Gretchen. And since Roger is a bit absent minded, and has a ton of messes of his own to worry about, Gretchen took it upon herself to "decorate" the space. Those who know Gretchen, as it turns out, would not be remotely surprised to discover that the homepage looks like a scene taken straight from a fantasy novel.

The entire room is filled with a lush forest, from end to end and top to bottom, completely eliminating even the slightest hint that the room was part of a computer program. The main entrance and exit to the homepage can be found in a small clearing in the very center of the room. From there, four dirt paths lead off in different directions. At the end of each path is a hidden shortcut that leads to the end of one of the other paths. The result is a seamless transition that can't be noticed by the naked eye, resulting in being able to get to the center by walking in a straight line in any direction along a path. Gretchen always loves seeing the looks on people's faces when they leave the clearing headed due west, and find themselves back in the clearing without ever changing direction. All along the paths, oversized mushrooms of all shapes and colors (Most of them with white polka dots) provide "natural" places to sit and rest. All of the support programs here have also taken on shapes to match the surroundings. Instant messaging comes in the form of birds, downloads are carried out by swarms of ants piecing together "leaves" of data, and even an anti-virus bear can be seen slinking behind the trees.

In the center, a crystal clear pond is lined with a few tree stumps makes up the simple gathering place in the otherwise wild forest. The only thing that feels out of place is a stone statue of the Roman god Mercury, his staff lowered down to the surface of the water, a gesture that seems to say, "Enter these waters and be cleansed of your maladies". The snakes from the staff however, seem to have slithered down from their perch, and have wrapped around each other to create an ouroboros-like gate standing beside him, which serves as a gateway to SciLab's net areas