Fujiwara Shin and Red Riding Hood Homepage

The entrance to the homepage is through a firebrick paint wooden door, but the golden knob requires a key to unlock it. Inside, the area is quite vast, and doesn't seem to be heavily modified, but there is an ordinary double-door wooden closet to the side, with a long bed next to it. The bed's cover is pink and fluffy and the sheets and pillow are pure white. The bedframe is a shining gold and of intricate design, something that looks straight from a fancy hotel.

Next to the bed is a wooden nightstand with a single drawer and a cupboard hole below it while a lamp resides on the top of the stand, taking up most of the space, only accompanied by a pink-colored digital clock.

Also something to note is a black, three drawer file cabinet that is on the other side of the closet. The closet contains image files for Red's .GMOs while the file cabinet stores other information about Red. It seems you'll need a key for the file cabinet if you want to take a look.

The floor is covered in a lush magenta carpet. Something simple, but kind of girly, along with the repeated peach and white vertical stripe motif along what seem to be holographic walls that move further away when you go close to them, indicating the vastness of the homepage.

You'd expect a kitchen or something, but maybe that's under construction.
Red's Closet:

Opening the closet reveals the details of Red's many Graphic Model Overrides:

Quote (BlackRose.GMO)

This .GMO was made in honor of Advancing the storyline, so it has to be related to Requiem's new theme.

Name: BlackRose.GMO
Description: Red's hair becomes black, and her hairband adorning her hair turns from Red to Dark Blue. Her blue eyes turn forest green. The navi takes a black bandanna and wraps it around her head, covering the top part of her face, above her nose, and has two eyeholes so she can see.
Her red caped hoodie has dissappeared entirely and tied to her shoulders is a flowing black cape. On her arms are black sleeves that go to her elbows and her main body is on a black one-piece swimsuit with the Requiem symbol on her chest, a gravestone with a music note on it. Her pants are black shorts, and she wears black sneakers.

Custom Buster: Red pulls out a Black Colored Rose and fires rose petals from it.
Charge shot: Red throws her black rose at the enemy, stem first, and it explodes on contact.

Quote (Badass_Hottie.GMO)

Name: Badass_Hottie.GMO

Description: Red grows to about 5'8" in height. Her new figure is slim, and her breasts are slightly bigger, curving slenderly along her figure, not that you can see it though. Her main body is covered by a long, white, long-sleeve cloak that reaches to her ankles. The cloak has two pockets on her right at left side, near her waist, where she constantly keeps her hands in. She still wears long white stocking that go to her knees. Her footwear consists of black boots, ready to probably slam into someone's side if they piss her off enough. A red scarf is adorned along her neck, replacing her hooded cloak of her child form. She wears black leather gloves on her hands. Her head hasn't changed much, it looks like that scarf is covering most of the area under her nose though. The same short, brown hair flows neatly on the top of her head, but her once cheerful blue eyes have turned into an icy-cold azure. If looks could kill, I would suggest not looking at her eyes.

Custom Buster: Body. Red uses her fists, feet, head, mouth, legs, arms, and whatnot to deal damage to the enemy.
Charge Shot: Randomly, Red grabs a random telephone booth that suddenly appeared out of nowhere, rips it out of the ground with an insane look on her face, and slams it over the enemy's head.

Quote (Tuber.GMO)

Name: Tuber.GMO

Description: Not having any official swimwear, and with Red sometimes having trouble floating. This graphic model override was devised.

The crimson crusader is now clad in a one-piece red swimsuit and other various swimming accessories. The most prominent of these is a pale yellow, inflatable inner tube that is secured firmly around the wind navi's midsection. From the front of the outer tube extends the neck and head of the bathing rubber duck variety. Apparently, one could squeeze this section to produce a quacking-like sound.

Red's feet are covered with flippers, the waddling dark blue pads extending from the black foot-insert section.

Finally, a pair of black-rimmed goggles are strapped tightly over the top of the tuber's head and hair. Said item can be pulled over Red's eyes to avoid blindness from water being splashed into the optical receptors.

Custom Weapon: In this .GMO, Red wields a simple water gun, which shoots lasers, and transforms into more powerful types of hydro blasters depending on the chips.

Fluff: Most chips will appear beach or pool themed. (Minibomb turns into an exploding beachball. Sword turns into a rubber noodle. etc.)

Quote (Crimson Sky.GMO)

Name: Crimson Sky.GMO

Description: Red transforms into a 5'9" angel of justice in this form with the power of a pink key with a ruby fashioned into the end. Elegant, black, feathery wings sprout from her back as her form in covered from neck to knee in a thick white blouse. A red scarf is tied around her neck, while the two ends flow, billowing at equal length, behind her back. Crimson replaces the light blue pupils of her childish form, while most of her face is covered by a pink, butterfly shaped mask, reminiscent of the red-caped wonder's navi symbol. The mask contain two slits for the eyeholes, leaving the rest of her face, beside her nose and mouth, mostly covered. A leather belt straps once across her upper body, holding her buster, a ebony white bow, in place. Underneath her blouse, the crimson crusader wears red sports pants, while her feet are adorned with brown, leather boots. Black pantyhose extends upward from her feet to her sports pants. She also wears black gloves on her hands.

Custom Buster: Slung across the heroine's back is an ebony white bow, the wooden part intricately designed to resemble two wings. The string is composed of pure energy, where the angel of justice pulls it back, generating pink arrows of energy to rain upon her opponents.

Charge Shot: Two other wings extend horizontally from bow, while a handle extends from the arrow notch. Red charges her energy into one shot, sending a pink energy ball of destruction flying at the opponent.

Fluff: All chips will maybe sort of resemble arrows.

Quote (Turquoise.GMO)

Name: Turquoise.GMO

Description: Red's hooded cape changes from the blood red those who knew her, to a monotone Turquoise color. Her eyes become a shade of aquamarine instead of the warm, chocolate brown they used to be. Turquoise sports a blue, button-up polo shirt and a blue denim knee-length skirt underneath her namesake cloak instead of the schoolgirl look she had been going for before this drastic .GMO change. Her knee-length socks had changed from black to another type of light blue altogether, and her normal leather shoes had switched into a pair of black dress shoes. Her previously brunette hair switched to forest green and is freakishly overgrown over her right eye.

Turquoise's trusty picnic basket is still slung over her left shoulder, but the overall look she had gained made her look, in her opinion, dreadful, buying into a very distraught attitude and an eager urge to blow stuff up just to get this over with.

Her skin has pretty much stayed normal though, the only condolence Shin could give his poor navi for this drastic outfit.

Buster Weapon: The picnic basket! Now to reach into and throw things from it at!

Quote ()

Name: Pajamas.GMO

Description: For sleepovers or in need of relaxation, Red changes into this. The fairy-tale fighter is adorned with a simple long-sleeved button up flannel jacket and trousers, the latter minus the buttons. The nightwear has a continuous vertical wide stripe pattern with alternating colors of pink and rose. Red goes barefoot in this .GMO, since the areas she usually wears them in have carpeted or cushioned floors. Her navi symbol is contained on a pin adorned slightly above her left breast. She also carries a normal head pillow around.

Custom Weapon: When you have sleepovers, you have pillow fights. Red has customized a pillowcase to have the same properties as her picnic basket, so she draw whatever she needs out of it. It's also very comfy to sleep on.

Quote ()

Name: Seifuku.GMO

Description: A bit different from her usual wear, Red forgoes her red hooded cloak completely in this change. She changes her top to a white short-sleeve white blouse with a navy-blue sailor-style collar, a red tie coming down at the end of the collar. Instead of her checkered-style skirt, Red wears a pleated thigh-length skirt the same color as the sailor-style collar. Her brown loafers haven't changed a bit, but she wears white, thigh-length socks now instead of the usual black. Two thin red hairclips pull the right side of her brunette hair back. She carries a brown leather schoolbag with a keychain that depicts her navi symbol.

Custom Weapon: Her schoolbag has the same properties as her picnic basket, but the things that fly out of it are usually more school-related.

Quote ()

Name: Furs.GMO

Description: For those cold weather situations, there's this. Red... ceases to be red, and goes for warmer clothing, in this case a brown fur parka that goes to her knees with a white fur shawl around her shoulders. She wears mittens and boots of the same brown material, though she comments that the wind can blow in the cold quite easily from below the parka. The parka has a sort of bellboy button design around the middle, like two rows of white buttons. The ends of her winter wear are made of a golden-colored fur on another notice. Red wears a white scarf on top of all this, making her quite comfy in cold weather.
Keeping her head warm is a 1 foot cylindrical hat made of the same fur material. A pin with her navi symbol is adorned on the right side.

Custom Weapon: Red keeps a grey metallic thermos close to her with a strap that connects the bottom of the cap and the bottom of the tank and goes around her body over the left shoulder. The top of the cap has her navi symbol engraved on it. She can shake the thermos, open the cap, and spray, or shoot, something at the enemy. It's like a box of chocolates, except it's really a can of it, but you'll never know what you might get.

Quote ()

Name: Devilish.GMO

Description: For that occasional costume party, Red has many options, but this one's definitely popular at Halloween. The ordinary witch costume is a regular, but it's definitely better with accessories. In this .GMO, Red wears a night black witch dress that ends in a skirt that reaches her knees, but balloons out half a foot from her lower body. The dress also has draping sleeves for that elegant effect. Over the dress, Red wears a frilly white apron as a piece of a deadly three-part combination she had in mind. A long, thin black tail comes out from the back of her waist, something she can move as part of her body. Red hasn't forgotten some trademarks of a witch's costume so it doesn't end there. Adorning her head is a pointed witch's hat with a wide brim and the added accessories of crimson-colored curved horns coming out of the sides of the cone. Red wears knee-length high heel boots in this .GMO and her navi symbol appears on a badge on her left shoulder. The fairy-tale fighter also carries a broomstick 3 inches taller than her as well.

Custom Weapon: The broomstick can change shapes into whatever Red needs at the moment. The back end is helpful for those long-range attacks.

Quote ()

Name: Yukata.GMO

Description: For some of those more formal occasions, this fits the bill. Red wears a simple crimson yukata with a golden floral pattern in this .GMO, tied up by a black obi sash, covering a thin board wrapped around her waist, and  further tightened by a red string in the middle of the obi. A medal in the middle of all of this clamps the sashes tight and depicts her navi symbol at the same time. For footwear, the crimson crusader has geta sandal clogs slipped onto her feet, the string a dark red. Her hair is tied up into a neat bun, held together by two red ornamental chopsticks with a floral design at the blunter end.

Custom Weapon: There are many mysterious layers to this yukata actually, so Red usually pulls something out of an opening and attacks the opponent with it. This includes, but is not limited to daggers, baguettes, frying pans, kunai, eggs, steel fans, laser swords, and cell phones.

Quote ()

Name: Sports.GMO (Shin wants to call this BLOOMERS.GMO though. am sad)

Description: For those events of occasions where extreme physical activites, or training for such things, are required, Red dons this outfit to get her fired up.
The crimson crusader's hair is tied up into a small ponytail and a headband of the same shade as her signature cloak is tied around her upper head area to keep her hair out of her eyes during physical exercise.
Upon her upper body is a short-sleeved, white blouse with red-colored collar and cuffs. The sleeves are a bit puffy as to maintain a slight airflow along her upper arms and shoulders. The blouse is reversible, making the inside a completely red color that might be evident when the blouse is soaked with sweat, but really, do navi's sweat anyway?
Red's bottom half is covered by dark red, baggy, knee-length gym shorts and white, knee-length stockings. The whole set is completed by white athletic sneakers for better running.

Custom Weapon: Replacing the role of her trusty picnic basket is a cylindrical, red sports bag with pink straps. She attacks by pulling various sports related items from inside and throws them, or possibly kicks them, at the opponent.
Quantitative Friendship Level List.

Quote (Fujiwara Shin)

I have noticed that I could possibly equate the meetings and encounters Red has had into numbers. This is only experimental by far, but the results seem interesting and require further research. I have kept a tally for myself in case the occasion should rise where I might need to use this to back up my research.

Soulman Junior: Level 1 Cross, 35
DNR: Level 1 Cross, 30
Pianissimo: Level 1 Cross, 36
Runeknight: 5
Meleeman: 15
RASS: 15
Daisy: 5
Broadside: 5
Binary: Level 1 Cross, 40
Beatnik: 16
Machman: Level 1 Cross, 30
Voulge: Level 1 Cross, 71
Yasu: 2
Vee: 2
Lee: 1
PartnerMan: 14
Maverick: 10
Chicago: 3
SoulCross Data Files:

Quote (Fujiwara Shin)

It has come to my understanding the the relationship between navis allows for each individual to access the other's power at a certain point. At the current moment, I can only give an estimate of five to six events until one is able to use what scientists dub the "SoulCross." Further research indicates that this process is accelerated in lower regions of the net, possibly due to the heightened level of adversity the navis are facing together. Here is a compilation of the ones Red has acquired.

Quote (Soulman JuniorCross)

Name: JuniorCross
Element: Normal
Subtype: Variable(?) [Changes to known subtypes have deemed this Cross unusable until other operator is contacted]
+10 to all normal chips
Description: Red changes her apparel to a purple bodysuit with Golden Gloves and boots and has a Red cape attached to her shoulders.
Custom buster: Palm Blast. Shoots energy blast from her palm.

Name: Soul Dazzle
Effect: [Blind an opponent for 1 turn]
Description: Red snaps her fingers and a blinding flash of purple light stings the enemy's eyes, blinding him/her/it.
Cooldown: 2

Quote (DNRCross)

Name: DNRCross
Adds +10 to Elec Element Attacks
Element: Elec
Subtype: Sword
Description: With on and off exposure to DNR's navi signature, Red becomes entranced by the medical profession in her new Cross! She now dons a typical two-piece nurse's outfit, hat and dress, completely white, losing any redness whatsoever. Her navi symbol is adorned in the middle of her nurse's hat on the top of her head. In addition to her two piece suit, the newly assimilated white blood cell also dons a pair of rubber gloves and white leather shoes. Her personality becomes slightly erratic during the cross as well and she attempts to use some medical terms, without much success.

Buster: Replacing her picnic basket is a first-aid kit full of sharp and pointy objects such as scissors, needles, scalpels, and syringes.
Charge Shot: Red holds her hands out in front of her and yells, "CLEAR!" Afterwards, an electromagnetic pulse of energy blasts from her palms at the opponent, attempting to shock them to death.

Signature Attacks:
Name: Defibulator Gauntlets
The double-use attack from the original doctor is passed on! But now in healing form only. Red takes two defibulator pads from her first aid kit and attaches them to her hands. Not waiting for a moment, Red slams the pads into the target, sending them a shock to heal their system damages.
Effect: Heal 60
Cost: 80 points
Cooldown: 2 turns


Quote (PianissimoCross)

Name: PianissimoCross
Element: Normal
Subtype: Sword
Bonus: +10 to Normal Chips, Gain "Swordplay" ability.

Description: Red exchanges her red cape for a dark black one and now wears a completely black bodysuit, that covers her whole body up to her neck, with a zipper going down the middle. The navi wears sandals on her feet as well. A purple sash is tied around her waist with a katana in a sheath inserted in the sash above Red's left hip. Red's hair has also become jet black and her eyes turn from their normal blue into a gleaming red. Her navi crest is adorned on her left shoulder on a piece of shoulder armor metal which is fastened by a small brown leather belt that slants diagonally across her body from the front and back. To finish it off, a black headband is tied around her forehead with a golden square in the center with the character for death in the same color of the square around it inside the square.

Custom buster: Red draws the katana from her hip and slashes at the opponent.
Charge Shot: Red gathers wind around her sword and slashes at her enemy, sending a powerful gust at the opponent to inflict damage.

Cross Sig:
Name: Dance of the Chameleon
Description: Brandishing and swinging her sword elegantly while spinning and covering herself up in her cape, Red is able to disappear for a limited amount of time by refracting light around her.
Effect. Invisibility 1
Cost: 80 points
Cooldown: 2 Turns


Quote (BinaryCross)

Cross Name: Silver Moon
Level: 1
Element/Subtype: Normal/Variable [Changes to known subtypes have deemed this Cross unusable until other operator is contacted]
Bonus: +10 to Normal Chips


What Binary transferred over to Red was really his excess data. By herself, Red cannot fully contain the excess data in her body, thus creating a cross that supports this new information flowing through her systems. The red-caped wonder's shoulder length hair now extends down to her knees and turns a silver shade. Her eyes take the same shade as her hair as well, and two crimson ribbons are adorned in the flowing warrior's long hair at the sides of the top of her head. She now wears a white tank-top with a blue, sleeveless blouse that reaches down to half her upper legs on the top of her body, while only having a pair of black sports briefs worn on the bottom half. Bracelets adorn her wrists and ankles. They are of a dark, chocolate brown shade with yellow diamond shapes patterned around the outside. In the process of controlling this Cross, Red has limited her emotional responses while concentrating on maintaining the excess data in her body so she won't collapse into a puddle of goo.

Custom Buster: The excess data running through Silver Moon's body manifests into random weapons on her ligaments which she can use to attack the opponent. (i.e. Turning her hair into a fist and punching someone)

Charge Shot: Possibly a more dramatic version of Silver Moon's transformation abilities. (i.e. Growing wings and firing a bunch of steel feathers at the opponent)

Signature Attacks:

Pool: 60 Points

Name: Adaptibility

Description: Taking on the properties of Binary's flexible, amorphous body in the form of excess data, Silver Moon can increase the size of some attacks she uses for a while by channeling that excess data into them.

Mechanics: Creates a pool of 60 DMG points which can be spread among any attack for one turn. (60 points)

Cooldown: 2 Turns

Quote (MachCross)

Name: MachCross

Level: 1
Element: Normal
Subtype: Speed
Bonus: +10 to Normal Chips

Description: Red is now about 2 feet taller with a slimmer body. She wears a slightly form-fitting red bodysuit with a zipper down the middle that seems to be made for riding motorcycles. Her head is adorned with a motorcycle helmet a deeper shade of red than her bodysuit. A black visor easily pulls up and down, covering her eyes when she wants and displaying various sorts of information on the screen. Her hair extends a bit further down her shoulders than usual, showing itself a bit out of the helmet. Floating behind her back are six red-colored electromagnetic generators, three of them combining to form wings of some sort. They are formed as small rectangles with a triangle jutting out of the long side. These generators also serve as Red's buster attack in this form.

Personality: Red is much more silent and thoughtful in this form, speaking mostly only after considering many things. She still keeps her childish kind-heartedness in this form.

Buster Attack: The generators can rush toward an opponent and crash into them, dealing damage. For the Charge Attack they appear in a circle in front of Red and fire a plasma beam from the center of their circle.

Signature Attack:

Sig Name: Clock Up
Effect: Passive Movement
Description: The Cross' naturally streamlined suits allow Red to move somewhat more than usual, enabling her to perform tactical actions in a flash.
Cost: 20*4 = 80


Quote ()

Name: VoulgeCross
Element: Fire
Subtype: Guts

Description: In this form, Red is dressed in a red qipao (Chinese Dress, cheongsam) of the same shade as her relinquished hooded robe. It has a high-cut just below the thigh, displaying quite a lot of skin as the only things worn below her waist are gray sports shorts, a garterbelt with a black ribbon tied around it, short white socks, and black kung-fu shoes. The qipao puffs at her shoulders and is fastened around the right side of her breast. It is decorated with a golden floral design that travels up the front left of the bottom flap to the bottom end of the fastenings.
Red's hair is now a jet-black and tied up into two cute buns held in place by white coverings.
Her eyes are now a devilish gleam of crimson, so she tends to keep her eyes slightly closed in this form, smiling cheerfully all the while.

Personality: Red is more philosophical in this form, weighing actions with consequences and reason more than she did before.

Custom Weapon: Key to the Emperor's Tomb
An ancient copper key that looks quite rusted is kept fastened to her leg by her garterbelt. This key enables Red to summon various staff-based weaponry at will from the tomb of an ancient Chinese Emperor renowned for his military tactics. It utilizes some form of dimensional magic perhaps, or the coding from Red's original picnic basket of mystery.

Default is a Kwan Dao. Sword blade on front, spearhead at the other end.

Signature Attacks: 80/80

The cautious seldom err.:
"See a person's means (of getting things). Observe his motives. Examine that in which he rests. How can a person conceal his character?" With acute observation, VoulgeCross enables Red to intuitively aim true with a single attack.
- Passive Take Aim (10x4) [40 points]

Darkness within darkness:
"Ever desireless, one can see the mystery.
Ever desiring, one can see the manifestations.
These two spring from the same source but differ in name;
this appears as darkness.
The gate to all mystery."

Calling on a polearm with a forked blade, Red hits the side of the blade, a sound akin to that of a tuning fork spreading through the area that draws one enemy closer.
-Gravity [40 points] 1 TCD
Extra Chip Data:

Quote (Fujiwara Shin)

I guess I'll put this here because I don't have anywhere else, lol.