Suloy's Homepage

Welcome. I'm Suloy, and I'm new to the area.

I occasionally post to my blog here...
Blog Entry 1:
... Ugh. I wish my navi could make more friends. At least then I could have a little time to work on my writing. How I HATE having to write to myself out of boredom. I wish I could get some friends.

And about that new PET - that was an older version they were talking about. I really should get that model, since mine is getting a bit sluggish. Besides, I could use something easier to mod.

Oh yeah, SINNBAD doesn't seem responsive. LashMan's not getting a reply...

- Suloy
Quick update: Further snooping revealed it's an updated standard, as our reporter friend deduced. I've got to run along now...
Blog Entry 2:

Okay, I'm a little mad. My inbox mysteriously was terminated, so I had to re-create it.
For Pete's sake!
- Suloy

Blog Post 3:

After a brief battle, a operator known as Akua is nowhere to be seen. Got info? Write me.