Entering the homepage as you jack in, there is one passageway that leads off to two. One leads to ToolMan's private little workplace it has wll his favorite things there. There is a metal door in front of it though, blocking unwanted guests from entering his private room where he takes his repairs and goes to sleep. However, the other passageway leads to the main room. Even though the main room wasn't like Ralez much, he still let ToolMan decide how to decorate.

The main room for all others to enter is much like a garage. It is a large room, decorated with bolts and nuts on the silver walls. It is bright as well, seeing as ToolMan dosen't like reading or relaxing in a dark area. It makes him feel like he's being constricted and annoys him. Stored in the far left is unused data and packages stored in data boxes and files, too usless to care about. Near there is a long, long work table filled with countless tools and gadgets. In the center is a table, with some chairs to sit in. They are simple and plain. Off to the right side is a light-ble couch, which is both Ralez and ToolMan's favorite color, and a bookcase next to it. ToolMan likes to read when he's not doing things to suit Ralez's random needs, so he has alot of book data stored there. Lastly, oppisite of the couch, there was a jukebox, which had lots of song files on it. The machine charges 10 Zennys to all guests who use it, and then get to play up to 3 songs. This device was not made by Ralez though, for he would not know how to do such a thing so easily and smoothly. Instaed, it was made by his big brother.