Ananiah's homepage is something else, the entrance is simple, it's a small black island in a sea of white, erethral water. There is a request board mere steps from the entrance. That was simple, but beside the Request board there were two warp panels, both took you to different islands in the sea of erethral waters.

The one two the left lead you into the middle of an island with 4 other warp panels all around. The one on the right led you to an island with 2 choices of direction again, which both led to other islands and so on. The funny thing was none of the panels led to any where, they were totally random, except for one detail, you had to in the panels and make sure that you go the right directions in order, that would lead you to another island way out of sight, this was where all the sensitive information was kept.

Since it was a public webpage, there was a high risk for hakers, hence the security measures. The other funny thing about it was that the only way back to the entrance/exit was on the PC Island. This ment any hackers would be forced to leave and start over (which would be extremely frustrating) or be stuck there for enternity (also extremely frustrating).

But there was a good reason for it to be public, the request board were for mercenary assignments, and anyone was allowed to post. The requests could be anything from hunting for chips to deleating navis, however the most important part was the background in which there were the 5 rules to which you must adhere in respect to the contract.

1: Once a contract is accepted, any contract directly contradicting it will be ignored until the previous contract is complete.

2: The highest paying contract wins unless the other contracter happens to be a SoulCross or friend of Orthos or Ananiah, then special conditions maybe negotiated.

3: Any contract that requires, or results in harm to any animal is null and void.

4: Any SoulCross or friend Orthos, may have a special exception to rule 1 if they pay a suffcient bonus to the original contract.

5: Any attempt to decieve Orthos or Ananiah will result in instant nullifaction and reversal of the contract.