StealthMan's Homepage

There is a new link ACDC 1. This link conects to StealthMan's Homepage.
It has 4 security cubes blocking off a link to the data base.
In the middle there is a big monitar That gives you 3 choices:





Stealthman likes to be called Stealth.
There are many more notes but Too long too read

I will update The songs and Movies tommorow I got to bed MoM's Forcin me!
Dark Boy, leave a message for me.

As you wish, M'lord.

Dark Boy proceeded to the "Notes" Section and started installing a .txt file.

Dear Sam,
I understand you are new to this netbattling style to. I and my navi Dark Boy are interested in battling with someone. Would you like to join me and my navi? We already have a liiiittttlle bit of experience. We hope to be a great asset to your NetBattling.

-Trillian and Dark Boy

3......2......1..........*click* All done!

I have attached our email adress also. Please email us your reply.