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R.Dunrae, Ocotober 20XX
The Electown Net War was a major recent event, and it left people with many questions, some of which were not available to the public, and many of which remain unknown to the public. For those who don't know, the NetMafia launched an organized resistance in the Electown Net, claiming a just cause, due to the corruption of the NetPolice. The NetPolice urged well trained vigilantes to aid them, promising rewards, while the NetMafia made similar requests, those seemingly less desperate. All in all, while both sides seemed to be holding strong throughout, despite aid from civilians, surprisingly enough, on both sides, the NetMafia pulled out a trump card. As can be seen in the last video feed, they sacrificed many members while they prepared for something big, which took the form of a massive Ox, destroying everything in its path. As the NetPolice were aiming to keep the Peace, and the NetMafia to harm the NetPolice, it can be said that the NetMafia won.

It seems that there were civilians aiding both sides. I was unable to get contact from either a representative from the NetPolice or the NetMafia, so I cannot tell you their stands. As a result, I'll leave it up to the reader to decide who was right.

It seems, in general, that people believe this event was a major current event, and an act of Net Rebellion, but not a major War or an event that effected people's lives deeply.

From what we've seen in videos, citizens fought bravely, for the NetPolice, at least. We've yet to see any footage of NetPolice Volunteers.

Many valuable lives were lost, and many new bonds were formed. The war seems to have shown some flaws in the way the Net is defended, and hopefully thanks to this we can improve the way things are run.

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