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Well, it seems that we could use you in our efforts. You have unique talents that could help up in our 'war' with the Police. Plus, Mental has recommended you.

Do you want true freedom? True justice? We can give you that and more.

What say you?
Mental, eh? Well, all I can say is that if the NetPolice is truly as heartless as Dog led us to believe it is, we would be willing to lend you our services.

-Shigeru Yamada

Freedom? I take no interest in what you may deem "freedom." But if it is Justice you offer, justice against those who would harm civilians at a whim... my blade is at the ready. We will join you.

Alright kid. Go *here* and you'll enter a world you never dreamed of.

*Gain Family Pub Access*
Subject: The Electown War
From: RDunrae@MyMail.com

Hello there Shigeru.

You may not remember me, you sent me an E-mail a while back about Knife chips.

I recently received an e-mail including a video recording of your participation in the Electown War from your partner in said event, Polonius, and his navi DNR. During the clip, of course, I saw your Navi and heard him and you speak, using names, and couldn't place my finger on where I had heard these names. Anyways, I'm e-mailing you as I made this connection. After realizing that I'd heard your name before, I searched through my contacts and here you are.

Now, something that you also probably don't know is that I'm writing up an article right now on this event. I announced this on the BBS, looking for information, and that's where the clip came from. Anyways, since I can clearly see that you were involved, I figured I'd request an interview with you.

If it's more convenient, I can do this entirely through e-mail. I'm looking for opinions from people from all different situations in the war; civilians, observers, participants. So, if you wouldn't mind allowing me to ask you a few questions about your thoughts, feelings, etc. on the war, I'd be very pleased.

Don't worry, if you don't want me to, I won't inform anyone about your contributions. If you would prefer, you may remain an entirely anonymous source, whatever would suit you best.

Regardless of whether or not you will allow me a brief interview, I'd like to request a reply as soon as possible.

Thank you for taking the time to receive this e-mail.

Rose Dunrae
Oh, christ. Why would you WANT to look back at that thing?
Meh. Sure, we're open for questions. E-Mail is fine, but I'm hanging around Suitachi's Navi Shop if you want to conduct the... interview...? in person.

Subject: RE:RE: The Electown War
From: RDunrae@MyMail.com


I know, it was pretty ridiculous. But I guess it's the crimson events of the past that stick out best in our memories. They're also the ones that people want to know about most. And besides, I need to look back on it, seeing as I'm writing an article and all. ;-D

I'm sorry, but I'm currently engaged in some other things that I need to do, and not really available right now for in-person talk. As a result, I suppose I'll have to keep this to e-mails.

So, as far as questions go:

1) What would you consider this event? (A war, a rebellion, an act of terrorism, etc.)
2) Do you believe that this War had any positive effects? (Like highlighting weaknesses that should be worked on)
3) Do you think the NetPolice acted satisfactorily in this situation?
4) What do you believe the NetMafia hoped to gain from this?
5) How did the event affect you?
6) Do you think that this would change how people feel about the Net?
7) Do you believe that this event had an effect on civilians?

And, you may inform me of any other information, opinions, comments, or what have you related to this event.

Thank you very much.

~Rose Dunrae
Ah, apologies. I have been having problems with my mail system lately.

1) This event... was a war. A needless war, fought only to improve the images of either side, so they can further their attempts to recruit and fight again.

2) Need you ask? Does war have any positive effects? If anything, it showed me the brutality of both sides.

3) Heh. They might have. But from what I saw, the civilians did much more than the Netpolice higher-ups.

4) What did either side hope to gain? Some sense of satisfaction in weakening their enemy, I suppose. A show of power. Possibilities in recruiting.

5) It opened my eyes. Suffice to say the world is not as black and white as we think it.
6) Not at all. It's still exactly as it had been. And if you ever see a massive fight, if you don't want to get involved, you'll run. Simple as that. If you wish to fight, fight.

7) Absolutely. The Police showed their power, got a few new members undoubtedly. Same for the Mafia. But what happened to the civilians? They suffered for no reason other than two factions chose to fight where they happened to be. The civilians were the ONLY ones affected, and not affecting.

Again, I apologize for the lateness, and the shortness of the answers. But I believe in being succinct in my responses. If there's anything else you ever need to know, just drop me a line!

Subject: The Dark Underbelly of the Net?
From: RDunrae@MyMail.com

Hello Again Shigeru,

Thank you for replying. I already published the article (You can check it out here, but I'm glad that you were willing to help anyway.

I have something else I'd like to talk to you about; Dark Chips and a "dark second layer, found below the usual civilian Nets."

Some man guy going by Ace told me this. He spoke of "a layer below the surface" And mentioned that you should have a little more information on it.

So, do you happen to know this Ace person, and something about Dark Chips or the Dark "layer below a layer" of the net?

Thank you again for you assistance.

Dark chips, eh? Well, they certainly sound sinister enough, but I can't say I've heard of them before just now.

The second layer of the internet, though... THAT I can answer about. From the remarks of a more informed individual that was with me when my allies and I were plunged into this second layer, I know it's called the Rogue Net, and from what I've seen it's a more twisted version of the net, with more powerful viruses than usual.

More than that, I don't know about. Hope I was of some help!

TO: s.yamada@electown.net
FROM: NetDaemon@GNA.Gov
SUBJECT: GNA Stock Dividends


Greetings from the Global Network Administration.

This E-mail is to inform you that your investments with GNA's Net Development Stocks & Bonds have grown. Your dividend payout is enclosed in the attached data. We hope our profitable partnership will continue into the future.

Thank you for investing with the GNA.

#-Attached: 2,000 Zenny

TO: s.yamada@electown.net
FROM: ChipTrader@SoryusChipShop.com
SUBJECT: Re: Season's Greetings!



Your Cactball1 has been accepted and has been exchanged for a EnergyBomb!

#-Attached: EnergyBomb

TO: s.yamada@electown.net
FROM: MailerDaemon@MangoRepublicOnline.com
SUBJECT: Re: Your Purchase!

Dear Sam Yamada,

Thank you for your recent purchase of our fine navi line of goods.

If you're new to our service, all you need to do is install the attached file to download your new Graphic Model Override:


To use your new Graphic Model Upgrade, just open up your navi Graphics Menu, navigate to the sound file, and activate 5feed.mp3 for further instruction.

Your credit card has been charged as detailed below. This email message will serve as your receipt. You can also access your Purchase History online at any time.

Leather Jacket 1399 z
Red Scarf 1999 z
Subtotal 3398 z
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Protection Fee 1000 z
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Total 4398 z

Credit Card Type NetopianExpress

Card number XXXXXXXXXXXX3392
Confirmation number 192839472856204928
Date Confirmed Wednesday, October 31, 200X

This notification has been sent to the email address associated with your account with us at MangoRepublicOnline. If you feel this message was delivered in error, please inform our customer support at our website.
This email message was generated automatically by our system. Please do not respond.

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TO: s.yamada@electown.net
FROM: MailerDaemon@MangoRepublicOnline.com
SUBJECT: Re:Refund
MESSAGE: We apologize for the problems you had with our product, and hope that you have not been too inconvenienced with it. We are happy to refund your purchase by giving you a gift certificate for usage at our store, as well as membership bonuses! We hope that you reconsider your harsh words, and that you continue to be a member of the Mango Republic. When your executive application finally goes through, your full refund will be forwarded.

Thank you for your patronage, and apologies for the inconvenience,

Dave Thread, CEO of Mango Republic

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Mr. Thread,

Thank you for your timely reply, but my navi wishes to lodge a complaint in person despite the royalties. I really am quite sorry about this, but he won't budge on this matter. Would it be possible to arrange a meeting?

-S. Yamada
TO: s.yamada@electown.net
FROM: MailerDaemon@MangoRepublicOnline.com
SUBJECT: Re:Re:Refund
MESSAGE: That can be arranged. Scilabs sound alright with you, Mr. Yamada?

Once again, our apologies,

Dave Thread, CEO of Mango Republic
Perfect. If it's acceptable, I'll be leaving the package to be retrieved in Netvegas, and heading there now.

-S. Yamada
TO: s.yamada@electown.net

Move to ACDC.

Navi, go forward and to the right at the next outlet.

TO: s.yamada@electown.net

They're following you.

Sever connections with navi.

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SUBJECT: One of them

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