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To Whom It May Concern:

Hello. You do not know me, but I do believe that you have met my cousin, Enjolie. My name is Victor Ulric. I believe that your name is Leo and your Navi is designated as Bard.Exe. My cousin will be unavailable for some time and has left me a list of contacts that may be of some use for me. My Navi and I have been working on some updates to the battlechip retrieval system in use by the current Navi generation and I require some aid in testing the proposed upgrades. I have been informed by Enjolie that you are a skilled Operator and that you and your Navi have a number of upgrades and battlechips in your possession. I would like to study your Navi during a typical busting run to see how she performs in order to capture a few numbers to calculate a control group for further experiments. If you have the time, I would like to have our Navi meet in order to set up such a study. It shouldn't take more than an hour or so. I eagerly await your response.

Respectfully Yours,

Victor Ulric
Yes I am Leo and my navi is Bard. Enjolie and Cypher will be unavailable for some time? That is sad. I really liked busting with the two of them. They were a fun team. Could I ask exactly what happened to them? I guess I could help you out. Bard always is looking for new busting partners, and if you are researching navi processes and working, I will gladly help out. I must warn you however. Bard is a highly custom navi, and might not be the best test subject due to this. If that has no play in your factors, then I will accept.

I recently put in to the mission BBS from the GNA. I can send you a link and that can count as our busting run. I am a college student, so my time is a bit limited every so often. You are more than welcome to join me in it. It will test both of our strength. Here is the link. Mission

-Leo Umi

Cypher is gone? Really?! Bah! Your Navi had better be a good one! I look forward to meeting him/her. Will these tests hurt?

That will work very well and I appreciate you allowing me to run these tests. My Navi is a research Navi and thus not terribly used to battle; however, he should be able to hold his own. And don't worry about your custom designs. I intend to collect data from a wide variety of Navi in order to find the ideal number range for my tests.

As for Enjolie, she has been accepted into the NetPolice Academy rather unexpectedly and had little time in order to prepare. It will probably be a few weeks before she has a regular schedule to allow for fraternization.

Also, I would like to ensure your Navi that there will be no pain. These tests will merely record battle data regarding battlechip usage.

- Victor Ulric
As long as he can hold his own, we should work out well. Well, congratulations to her then, hope things go well for her there. And don't worry about thanking me for the tests. Bard always likes meeting new people, and keeping her in good spirits is very good for me. See you once we get out mission responce.

-Leo Umi

At least they won't hurt at all.