Name: Nick Plumaurum
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Appearance: Though he is a master of disguise, he does have a standard appearance for his detective agency. He wears a grey hooded sweatshirt with black velcro shoes. His hair is short-medium length brown, usually messed up by his hood. His eyes are a dull blue-grey color, hidden behind sunglasses. Though a professional, his black pants seem wrinkled and dirty.

Personality: His actual personality is not always shown, as he can emulate different personalities when in disguise. However, his true emotions are those of cynicism and bitterness. He believes that though there is more good than bad in the world, the growing number of crimes shows that the situation will soon reverse itself.

PET Modifications: A simple red and black PET.


Element: Fire
Subtype: Ground
Appearance: A figure in an golden "armored robe", his face is mostly hidden by the hood, but you can see his single eye - a red orb withing a red ring. On his back is the symbol of which his eye is, the symbol of Sol (alchemic symbol for gold). His hands are black gauntlets. In his left hand is a metal ball.

Personality: Sol, in contrast to his Operator, is very optimistic and friendly. He is not above cracking jokes or scolding his NetOp for his cynical remarks, though in a battle, he can be fierce. When undercover, he can completely change his personality, though afterwords, he may still be in character for awhile.

Custom Weapon: TransBall- a ball that he can transmute to different materials. He uses it as a rubber ball for multiple buster shots, or a metal ball for a charged shot
Signature Attack: Transmutation-glass - turns a large area of the arena to glass (sig points 60 - 30 for large area terrain change w/ground subtype = 30) 1-turn cooldown
Transmutation-Lava: turns a large area of the arena to lava (sig points 30 - 30 for large area terrain change w/ground subtype = 30) 1-turn cooldown