Name: Victor Ulric

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Appearance: Victor is slightly above average height, standing at about 6'3 and weighing around 190lbs. He has pale skin, both from his genetics and from spending most of his time in the lab. His hair is jet black and he wears it in a short tail that is about 5" long. He has a preference for facial hair and generally wears a trimmed goatee. Victor has rather poor eyesight and wears a pair of wireframe glasses with oval lenses. Victor usually dresses in his work attire, even when not at work. This usually consists of a pair of black slacks, a black button down shirt, with a tie. He favors a pair of black leather loafers and can always be found with his grandfather's silver pocket watch in the inner pocket of his white lab coat. Around his neck, Victor wears a silver chain with a small cross pendant. Victor has a small leather pouch that hooks onto his black leather belt. This pouch is used to store his PET when he isn't using it.

Personality: Victor is a fairly somber individual. He doesn't have much of a social life and the vast majority of his day revolves around his work. He's generally quiet and methodical; a man of few words. Victor is an ambitious individual. He has dreams of revolutionizing the Navi system and has spent his young life in that goal. However, he knows that he is responsible for Wolfman's current condition and the possible consequences of his Navi's infection. As such, he has put the majority of his plans on hold until he can find a cure for Wolfman's condition, or at least make the infection no longer transmittable. Despite his subdued nature, Victor is personable and gets along well with his Navi and other people. One odd quirk, is that when faced with a possible break through in one of his experiments, Victor becomes overcome with an obsessive need to see the new development through. He tends to block out everything else in his search to find the next answer.

PET Modifications: Victor's PET is a generic model with a black casing. The only real difference is a specialized Mr. Prog designed to scan Wolfman's systems for viral progression.

Name: Wolfman.Exe

Gender: Male

Element: Wood

Subtype: Guts

Appearance: Wolfman is, as his name implies, a cross between a human Navi and a wolf. His form resembles that of the werewolves of legend, a savage fusion of man and beast. He is tall, standing at around eight feet tall(NE) and weighing approximately three hundred pounds(NE), with overly long arms and legs. For the most part, Wolfman is humanoid with a body designed for standing upright on two legs; however, he can drop to all fours in order to gain a burst of speed for a charge. Wolfman's head is lupine in nature with a long snout and strong jaws. He is a predator, with forward facing eyes and large ears near the top of his skull. He has humanoid hands, though the long fingers are tipped with sharp claws; however, his feet are more lupine with an awkward bend that leaves him primarily standing on the pads of his feet. A two foot long tail stretches out behind him, aiding in balance.

Wolfman is primarily covered in a thick layer of short black fur. A longer patch of silver hair runs up in a v-shape from the center of his chest to wrap around his shoulders and meet at a point between his shoulder blades. It almost resembles a mantle of sorts. Wolfman's irises are a golden color like those of a normal wolf. He wears a black leather belt marked with his emblem, a silver crescent moon against a black background. A long silver cloth hangs down from the front and back of the belt, girding the Navi's loins. This red loincloth hangs down to just past Wolfman's knees and serves to keep him decent.

Wolfman isn't equipped with the traditional Navi weapons. He has no sword or gun. He relies on his sharp claws to catch his prey and his powerful jaws rip the life from his enemies. The bestial Navi has also been known to unleash an ear piercing howl to stun or frighten his opponents.

Personality: Wolfman is a not unlike the animal that he has been named for. He is fiercely loyal to his companions, thinking of them as members of his pack, and is more than willing to risk his life to protect those who he considers friends. Outside of battle, when he has complete control over himself, he is usually calm and subdued. He does his best to aid Victor in the scientist's experiments and help out where possible. In battle, his savage nature tends to take over. He'll show no mercy to his enemies and generally attacks with relentlessly and ruthlessly while giving no quarter. Wolfman's philosophy is that, in battle, it is kill or be killed and only the strong survive. However, he has been known to show some sense of his former "human" compassion and has allowed wounded enemies to flee the field of battle. Due to Wolfman's unique nature, the stress of battle and other intense situations is very detrimental to his psyche. When stressed, there is the chance that Wolfman will loose control over his senses, giving way to the viral entity that lurks within him. During these times, Wolfman attacks with reckless abandon. Everyone within reach of his claws and jaws is an enemy in his eyes. Bloodlust clouds his mind and distorts his thoughts, causing him to revel in his bestial rage. Given time, Victor can reverse the damage to Wolfman's systems that causes him to fly into these rages. When he reverts, Wolfman has little memory of what he has done while enraged; just fragments of memory tainted by animalistic urges and a deep, burning anger.

Custom Weapon: Claws and Teeth

Signature Attack:

Starter GMO: NormalNavi.GMO - This is the GMO that Wolfman adopts when dealing with the public. Victor created it to serve as a buffer to avoid any unwanted attention when Wolfman needs to interact with other Navi. In this form, Wolfman loses his bestial traits and takes on a more human form. He stands at the net equivalent of 6'2" and weighs around 180lbs. He's built slim, but not terribly so, with pale skin. He has shaggy black hair that he wears loose and unkempt. His eyes are still a golden color, but he wears a pair of wireframe glasses to disguise their luminescence. In this form, Wolfman wears a silver body suit with black gloves, boots and belt. His emblem is still present on his belt buckle. Over his body suit, Wolfman wears a long white lab coat that hangs down to mid-calf. Lacking his usual claws and sharp canines, Wolfman now attacks using a self taught form of martial arts.

BardCross Lvl 1


Human - In his human form, Wolfman's clothes transform to resemble the zoot suits of the Harlem jazz scene of the late 1930s. He wears high-waisted, wide-legged black trousers pegged to gather at the ankles. He wears a dark red dress shirt tucked into the pants along with a black vest and tie. A long black coat, with wide lapels and shoulders, hangs down to mid thigh. His black hair is slicked back and he wears a black fedora with a blood red hat band on his head. He maintains his golden eyes and wireframe glasses. A treble cleft, embroidered in silver thread, runs up each sleeve of his coat and a bass cleft is embroidered on his coattails and lapels. Wolfman wears a pair of black and white wingtip loafers when in this form. In BardCross, Wolfman attacks with the power of music. He carries a five foot long double bass strapped to his back. He sets the instrument down and fingers the strings to play music and compose his attacks. Wolfman can also summon a saxophone when not playing the bass.

Werewolf - Even when crossed, Wolfman is not safe from the viral curse that haunts him. If Wolfman transforms while in BardCross, his werewolf form is altered as well. His shoes, shirt, vest and tie are shredded to nothing during the transformation. He retains the embroidered coat and pants, though they become tattered and torn with rips in the knees, shoulders and elbows and well as long tears along the ends of the sleeves and pant legs. Wolfman no longer uses instruments to attack, his large clawed fingers being unable to manipulate the strings without damaging them. Instead, Wolfman plays the natural music of the wolf; ghostly howls summon up the denizens of the night.

Cross Signature:
Wolf Beat - Wolfman plays a tune on his bass, summoning a shadowy creature that resembles a wolf. The creature is rooted to the ground, but shoots orbs of darkness at targets.
(Nerf: Charge Burner[+30 Points], 30hp object, deals 30 passive damage. Using summon's 4:3 conversion ratio. [30 + (30x3) = 30 + 90 = 120])

((Basically, he summons a wolflike shadow with 30hp. It is immobile and deals 30 dmg a turn.))

Name: Selene.SP

Gender: Female

Appearance: Selene currently resembles the moon in miniature. She is a white orb, three feet in diameter and marked by craters, that continuously hovers about six feet off of the ground. A soft silvery aura surrounds her at all times. The aura grows brighter when she speaks or attacks and dimmer when she is injured. Selene attacks by firing arrows of moonlight at her opponents.

Personality: Selene was designed to aid Wolfman with the principle concern of regulating his transformations. She also collects and stores data on Wolfman's viral infection to be analyzed by Victor. As such, Selene is soft spoken and kind. Despite being a floating, glowing rock, Selene has a motherly nature about her and desires to aid others whenever possible. She doesn't like fighting and Wolfman's bestial rages scare her; however, she is determined to help Victor find a cure for the Navi's affliction.

Element: Aqua

Subtype: Recover

Quote ()

<a href="javascript: togglebar('Aurion1'); void(0);">NetOp</a><div id="Aurion1" class="signaturetab">Victor Ulric
Key Items: Victor's PET
SubChips: MiniEnrgPackx2</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('Aurion2'); void(0);">NetNavi</a><div id="Aurion2" class="signaturetab">Wolfman.Exe
Level: 9
Element: Wood
Subtype: Guts
HP: 175
Attack: 2
Charge: 1
Rapid: 1
Speed: 4 Actions
Upgrades: HP Memx3, Cust Expacx1, Speed Upgradex1, PowerUP - Attackx1, PUx5</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('Aurion3'); void(0);">NaviCust</a><div id="Aurion3" class="signaturetab">NaviCust (10/45)
Undershirt (10)
Unused: None</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('Aurion4'); void(0);">BattleChips</a><div id="Aurion4" class="signaturetab">WolfFolder.dat
Total Chips: (11/30)
-Shotgun(x1) [50 DMG + Spread1 (A)]
-WaterLine1(x1) [80 + Ground Attack + Line Attack up to 3 [b]]
-RageClaw (x1) [40 DMG + Slashing/20 + Impacting [b]]
-Invis1(x1) [Grants Invisibility (One Turn) (S)]
-LilBomb(x1) [50 DMG + Blast2 [c]]
-DashAttack(x1) [90 DMG + Impact to up to 5 [c]]
-Guard1(x1) [Blocks one attack and reflects up to 60 DMG (S)]
-TankCannon1(x1) [80 DMG/80 DMG + Blast2 (A/C)]
-FireHit1(x1) [60 + Impact + Double Attack (A)]
</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('Aurion5'); void(0);">SigAttks</a><div id="Aurion5" class="signaturetab">100(150)/20
Total Points: 260
Points Used: 260
Points Free: 0
1. Blood Feast - Wolfman takes a bite out of his opponent, feeding on the data to restore his lost vitality. [50 Drain, 3TCD ((100 Points))]
2. Wolfen Physiology - Wolfman's unique data structure allows him to regenerate rapidly and recover from wounds that would otherwise disable a normal Navi. [15hp passive heal ((80 Points))]
3. Lupine Grace - Wolfman can use his bestial strength and agility to send him bounding across the battlefield in the blink of an eye. [Free 2x Dodge, 2TCD ((80 Points))]</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('Aurion6'); void(0);">Cross Info</a><div id="Aurion6" class="signaturetab">BardCross: Lvl 1
Bard - 35</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('Aurion7'); void(0);">Support Program</a><div id="Aurion7" class="signaturetab">Selene.SP
Level: 0
HP: 40
Attack: 10
Actions: 1
Upgrades: None
Zenny: 2,810z
BugFrags: 82[/b][/b]