Name: Rose Dunrae
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Appearance: Rose is about average in height, somewhere near 5' 2". Her weight, though she wouldn't tell you, is around 105 lbs. She is lean, but has a little curve to her. She has brilliant, large, sky-blue eyes, a small nose, and a small chin, which help give her a cute, feminine look. Her hair is a rich brown, and is long and straight. She has bangs, cut to about an inch, but the rest of her hair is far longer, coming down to just below chest-level on her back. She views her hair as too straight and boring down, so she usually just puts it up in a ponytail with a pink elastic, which she believes makes it look slightly more "fun." Rose wears clothes that she thinks look good on her, and they do. She wears a tight pink tee shirt over a loose white long sleeve shirt. Her left wrist sports a cute little watch with a pink band. Her Right ring finger has three rings on it, one a silver band, which she got from a friend on her birthday, one a silver ring with small pink jewel, which her mother gave her and the last a pink band which she bought with her grandmother when she was little. She wears a pair of tight, light blue jeans, and over them hangs a pink belt. The belt is only through one loop on her left hip, so the right half hangs lower than the left. Her Pet is securely fastened onto her belt, on the right side. She finishes off her ensemble with a pair of white sneakers with pink laces.
Personality: Rose is an interesting character. Her favorite kind of food is strawberry ice cream; her favorite type of music is pop. Spring is her favorite season, followed by Winter, then Summer, and finally Autumn. Her favorite subject in school is mythology, which she finds very interesting. Her favorite is Ancient Roman Mythology, which is where some of her inspiration for Mokusei came from. And, her favorite color, if not made clear by her outfit, is pink. She is a nice girl, in general, and likes to help out others. She isn't however, a perfect little angel. She is competitive, and is willing to bend the rules, if she sees it as necessary. She is also sarcastic when confronted with things she views as "stupid." She is friendly, and, for the most part, optimistic.
PET Modifications: Her pet is white, but has a pink skin over it. She stores it in a clear protective case on her belt.

Name: SummonerMan.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Normal
Appearance: SummonerMan is a humanoid Navi. He stands at near average height and has a slim build. He has light skin, and a slim, almost feminine face. SummonerMan has icy blue eyes, and light brown hair, which is short and spiked backwards. He wears a black body suit which goes up his neck, and ends at his head, hairline, and ears. His ears are covered in bumped out circles, which feature his symbol on them. SummonerMan's black bodysuit has white stripes down from his shoulders to his hands, and the inside of his arms to his armpits, down the sides of his body until his boots. His gloves end with a white ring, and are black. His boots are also black, with a white ring at the top, white soles, and a white stripe down the front and back of each boot. In the center of his chest is a circle which contains his Navi symbol, which is a white circle with a purple-backed card in the middle. On his head, he wears a purple headband. ON this headband, on the front of his forehead, there is another card, which looks like one of the ones he uses to attack. It is situated vertically, and has the purple back-side facing out. To top all of this off, he wears a large purple cloak, which has a high collar, reaching up to about lower lip level. The cloak, when he is out of battle, generally drapes around his whole body, down to his boots. However, when he is moving or in battle, he can slide it behind him, as a cape.(This can also happen naturally depending on how SummonerMan is moving)
Personality: SummonerMan is a good person, but he's not exactly the nicest person. In all honesty, he's a jerk and a smart-aleck. He will bring it up to Rose when he disagrees, though may still follow along if he doesn't have a huge problem with it, or if she is persistent. He enjoys having allies, and values them, believing that fighting with allies is one of the best ways to increase one's strength. He does have a sense of humour, and isn't a totally horrible person. He enjoys referring to people he meets by nicknames, which aren't always things they want to be called.
Custom Weapon: SummonerMan uses cards from his summoning deck, which happen to be blank, and throws them at the opponent. A charged shot involves imbuing energy into the card, making it more deadly. He summons these cards from thin air, and has a seemingly endless supply. They have purple backings.

-----Signature Attacks------

Signature Attack:


Summon: Column — SummonerMan Summons a column from one of his summon cards. Like all his summons, it appears from the card, generally after being placed on the ground, or when activated while he is holding it. Upon activation, the column shoots out of the location where the card is with such force that objects in its way are sent flying. The column, after appearing, stands at about 10 feet tall, with the column having a diameter of about 3 feet, and the platform at the top roughly 5 by 5 feet. Due to an immense amounts of skill, and some practice, SummonerMan is able to leap onto the column after it gets to about 2 feet, grab onto the edges of the platform, and remain on it without getting flung, using the added height to his advantage for such things as getting a better view.

(OBJECT SUMMON [Passive] = 45 HP [45] + 1 time Microburst [40] — 60 Pool [-60] + [-25]/30 (increased damage) [5]/30 (decrease cooldown cost) 1 action Charge Time = 80 = Balanced. 2 turn cooldown)

Summon: Column — Summon Object — 40 HP + 1 Time Microburst; 2 TCD

Remaining Points: 240/300

Summon: Arrow Tower — SummonerMan summons a stone Arrow Tower from one of his summoning cards. When this card is activated, the tower, reaching approximately 10 feet in height, with a square base that shrinks as it approaches the top. There is a gap of approximately three inches near the top, which would be where the arrows are launched from. It launches an arrow every round at one enemy, who can be in any direction. The arrows do 20 damage. The only downside of this move is that it draws energy from SummonerMan's buster system on creation, disabling said system for two rounds.

(OBJECT SUMMON[Automated] = 60 HP[60] + Passive 20 dmg Arrow [60] — 80 Pool — BusterLock [40] = 0 = Balanced

Summon: Arrow Tower — 60 HP, 20 dmg arrow fired every round, BusterLock; 3 TCD

Remaining Sig Pool: 140/300

Summon: Wall - Activating one of his summoning cards, SummonerMan performs this simple summon. It creates a somewhat weak wall. The wall is approximately 10 feet tall by 10 feet wide by 1 foot thick.

(OBJECT SUMMON[Passive] = 40 HP[40] — 40 Pool = 0 = Balanced

Summon: Wall — 40 HP Wall, 1 TCD

Remaining Sig Pool: 100/300

Summon: Block: Activating one of his summoning cards, SummonerMan performs this simple summon. It creates a small block, large enough for a crouching person to hide behind. It's about 3 cubic feet, and isn't very strong.

(OBJECT SUMMON[Passive] = 40 HP[40] — 40 Pool = 0 = Balanced

Summon: Block — 40 HP Block, 1 TCD

Remaining Sig Pool: 60/300


Current Level: 8
5 Chips [+1]
10 Chips [+1]
15 Chips [+1]
HP Memory [+1]
HP Memory [+1]
HP Memory [+1]
Speed Upgrade [+2]
SP Level 5 [+1]
NC Up [+1]

[quote="SUMM SIG"]<a href="javascript: togglebar('Jcc281'); void(0);">Operator</a><div id="Jcc281" class="signaturetab">[b]Name:[/b][URL=http://z10.invisionfree.com/RockmanChaosNetwork/index.php?showtopic=3670]Rose Dunrae[/URL]
[b]Items:[/b] Nothing
[b]Key Items:[/b] -Rose's Pet
</div><br>[u]Zenny: 05530[/u]<br><a href="javascript: togglebar('Jcc2891'); void(0);">SubChips</a><div id="Jcc2891" class="signaturetab">[b]MiniEnergyPack:[/b] 2
[b]EnergyPack:[/b] 0
[b]SneakRun:[/b] 0
[b]Escape:[/b] 1
[b]Untrap:[/b] 0
[b]Unlocker:[/b] 0</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('Jcc282'); void(0);">Navi</a><div id="Jcc282" class="signaturetab">[b]Name:[/b] [URL=http://z10.invisionfree.com/RockmanChaosNetwork/index.php?showtopic=4300]SummonerMan.Exe[/URL]
[b]Level:[/b] 09
[b]Element:[/b] [color=grey]Normal[/color]
[b]Subtype:[/b] [color=purple]Summon[/color]
[b]HP:[/b] 160
[b]Actions:[/b] 4
</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('Luxxie21'); void(0);">Navi Stats</a><div id="Luxxie21" class="signaturetab"><a href="javascript: togglebar('Jcc283'); void(0);">Signature Attacks</a><div id="Jcc283" class="signaturetab"style="width:700px; height:125px;">[b]Summon: Junk[/b]: [5x Object; 5 HP ] 1 TCD
[b]Summon: High Card[/b]: [Object: 40 HP] 1 TCD
[b]Summon: Pair[/b]: [Object: 5 HP + (Multihit)2 hits of * Random(Up to 13) Damage [On 13, use 35] 1 TCD
[b]Summon: Spring Deck[/b]: [Object: 20 HP + (Time-Delay (Manual); Microburst; Melee) Once] 2 TCD
[b]Summon: Three-of-a-Kind[/b]: [Decoy + Decoy + Object; 10 HP + Object; 10 HP] 2 TCD
[b]Summon: Two Pair[/b]: [2x (Object: 5 HP [5] + (Multihit)2 hits of * Random(Up to 13) Damage [On 13, use 35])] 2 TCD
[b]Summon: Card Tower[/b] [Object: 80 HP] 2 TCD
[b]Unsummon: Attack[/b]: [Trap (Attack Target); 1-hit Shield, Pull, Pull, Stun (1), Object: 5 HP] 2 TCD

[b]Sig Pool:[/b] 000/460</div>
<a href="javascript: togglebar('Jcc284'); void(0);">Chips</a><div id="Jcc284" class="signaturetab"style="width:725px; height:315px;">[b]Folder:[/b]
2x[IMG]http://i814.photobucket.com/albums/zz69/PA_Chiplists/cuberock.png[/IMG] Rockcube (200 HP Object)
2x[IMG]http://i814.photobucket.com/albums/zz69/PA_Chiplists/timebomb1.png[/IMG] TimeBomb1 (100 HP Object. Explodes after 2 rounds for 100 damage to all)
1x[IMG]http://i814.photobucket.com/albums/zz69/PA_Chiplists/wind.png[/IMG] Wind (100 HP Object, Pushes enemies back, lowers accuracy. Lasts 3 rounds or until destroyed)
1x[IMG]http://i814.photobucket.com/albums/zz69/PA_Chiplists/AquaBall.png[/IMG] AquaBalloon (200 HP Object. Mobile. Aquabody. Explodes after 3 turns for 10 + Damage Absorbed [color=blue]Aqua[/color] damage to all)
1x[IMG]http://i814.photobucket.com/albums/zz69/PA_Chiplists/airraid1.png[/IMG]AirRaid1(100 HP Flying Object, 10x10 shots, 3 turns)
1x[IMG]http://i814.photobucket.com/albums/zz69/PA_Chiplists/MetalGear1.jpg[/IMG]MetalGear1 (100 HP Object, 50 Null Break ground dmg, straight line up to 3 targets, 3 turns)
1x[IMG]http://i814.photobucket.com/albums/zz69/PA_Chiplists/flshbomb1.png[/IMG]FlashBomb1(100 HP, explodes after 2 turns for Blast 4 Stun, Seeking, Blinding, 40 [color=yellow]elec[/color] dmg)
1x[IMG]http://i814.photobucket.com/albums/zz69/PA_Chiplists/sword.png[/IMG] Sword (80 slashing damage. 6 uses)
1x[IMG]http://i814.photobucket.com/albums/zz69/PA_Chiplists/recov30.png[/IMG] Recov30 (Heals 30 HP)
2x[IMG]http://i814.photobucket.com/albums/zz69/PA_Chiplists/guard1.png[/IMG] Guard1 (1 Hit shield, Reflects Up To 60 damage +Piercing + Line Attack)
1x[IMG]http://i814.photobucket.com/albums/zz69/PA_Chiplists/aquandl1.png[/IMG]AquaNeedle1 (20 [color=blue] Aqua[/color] dmg x 3 needles)
1x[IMG]http://i814.photobucket.com/albums/zz69/PA_Chiplists/rlnglog2.png[/IMG] RingLog1 (50 [color=green]Wood[/color] damage + Ground + Wide + Double Attack)
1x[IMG]http://i814.photobucket.com/albums/zz69/PA_Chiplists/wavearm1.png[/IMG] WaveArm1 (80 piercing ground Chain(3))
1x[IMG]http://i814.photobucket.com/albums/zz69/PA_Chiplists/cannon.png[/IMG] Cannon (40 damage + Knockback)
1x[IMG]http://i814.photobucket.com/albums/zz69/PA_Chiplists/gunshot.png[/IMG] Shotgun (50 damage + Spread1)
1x[IMG]http://i814.photobucket.com/albums/zz69/PA_Chiplists/heatshot.png[/IMG] HeatShot1 (40 [color=red]Fire[/color] damage + Spread1)

[b]Total in Folder:[/b] 19/30 chips
</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('Jcc285'); void(0);">NaviCust</a><div id="Jcc285" class="signaturetab"style="width:150px; height:75px;"> 1x UnderShirt [10]
[b]Space Used:[/b] 10/45</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('Luxxie1'); void(0);">Buster</a><div id="Luxxie1" class="signaturetab"style="width:175px; height:75px;">[b]Atk:[/b] 1
[b]Rpd:[/b] 1
[b]Chg:[/b] 1
[b]Damage(Rapid/Charge):[/b] 2/8</div></div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('Jcc291'); void(0);">Support Program</a><div id="Jcc291" class="signaturetab">[b]Name:[/b] [URL=http://z10.invisionfree.com/RockmanChaosNetwork/index.php?showtopic=4300&view=findpost&p=13198788]Card[/URL]
[b]Level:[/b] 3
[b]BugFrags:[/b]  105 Bugfrags Remaining
[b]HP:[/b] 40
[b]Attack:[/b] 10
[b]Actions:[/b] 1
[b]Element/Subtype[/b]: [color=grey]Normal[/color]/[color=E42217]Speed[/color]
[b]Abilities:[/b] Planeswalking,
</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('Jcc289'); void(0);">Upgrades</a><div id="Jcc289" class="signaturetab">[b]Upgrades Accumulated:[/b]
-Hp Memory x3
-Speed Upgrade x1
-Process Upgrade x10
-Process Edit x2
-NaviCust Expansion x1
</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('Luxxem1'); void(0);">Friendship</a><div id="Luxxem1" class="signaturetab">[b]Friend Exp:[/b]
With SplashMan: 46
With ViralMan: 38
With Holoß: 18
With Koumori: 10
With Anyis: 9
With DNR: 8
With Enigma: 5
With Rhea: 5
With Voulge: 3
With Exorcist: 3
With VoltMan: 3
With Gear: 3
With DruidMan: 3
With SoundMan: 3
With Void: 1
With Djinni: 1
</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('Jcc2831'); void(0);">Soul Crosses</a><div id="Jcc2831" class="signaturetab">[URL=http://z10.invisionfree.com/RockmanChaosNetwork/index.php?showtopic=4300&view=findpost&p=13602261]CROSSES:[/URL]
[b]SplashCross:[/b] [[color=blue]Aqua[/color]/[color=yellow]Guts[/color]]
[i]Cross Sigs:[/i] Spill Cannon [30 [color=blue]Aqua[/color] dmg Blast2, Medium Terrain Change Sea (Line), 2 TCD]
[b]ViralCross:[/b] [color=gray]Null[/color]/[color=black]Bug[/color]
[i]Cross Sigs:[/i] Glitch Gatling [Glitch to 4 Targets, 2 TCD]