Name: Astraea
Gender: Female
Element: Fire
Subtype: Summon
Appearance: Astraea is 4'2 but the extra two inches are only if you're counting from the top of her eyestalks. Said stalks sprout from the top of her head a third of the way in from either side. They're made of mostly inflexible cartilage that gently curves back and up from the top of her head to behind her eyes themselves. Her head is broader than it is tall and displays brown mottling across her yellow cheeks, much like a banana that's been left on a counter for a couple days. There is similar mottling on her shoulders, the back of her hands, and the tops of her feet. Her neck is amusingly short and she can't look over her own shoulder without turning her torso to match. Her body is pear shaped and when Astraea is described as flat-chested it's only figurative because of the curve of her chest. Her fingers seem a bit too long and both finger- and toe-tips end with a slight bulge at the end like a frog's. Both legs and arms are well muscled but she's not winning any agility contests anytime soon.

There's no chance of winning a beauty contest any time soon with her overalls (clean but faded blue) and the white high-tech looking utility belt she wears over them. Her emblem is embedded in the front of the belt breaking up the white with the red-blue-black of her stylized A, the tilted ring around it, and the background behind them respectively. There's a holster on one side of the belt for her raygun and an extra loop on the other for her wrench and overall she looks more like some grumpy generic alien mechanic than the (once) valued employee and face of a telecommunications company. It probably helps that what she wears for her press conference duties comes in a .GMO.

Personality: Astraea has a tendency of being pretty blunt. She'll rein it in on request but she prefers to speak clearly. She is pretty self-reliant and was built to endure long periods of isolation with no wear or tear on her mental capacities. She does tend to throw herself into her work, and has a habit of speaking to her gadgets and gizmos like they have personalities of their own. She takes great pride in her work, both what she does for work and what she does for a hobby. Since she no longer has the care of several satellites to oversee the Navi has had more time to turn her attention to her hobby of tinkering with machinery and Alex has given her unrestricted access to the apartment's wi-fi to test these inventions.

Custom Weapon: For long range attacks Astraea makes use of a white raygun that looks vaguely similar to a hairdryer. It has a little antenna on top on the back with a bright red sphere at the tip and three yellow rings that seem content to just float around the antenna. There's a couple of buttons on the side of the body of the gun, and a thick blue stripe near the nozzle of the gun. Two bright red fins sprout from the back of the gun: one on top and one on bottom. For closer range attacks the fire Navi has a high-tech wrench that's rather large in size. Most of the time it looks just like a normal wrench and then she’ll fiddle with a couple nobs on the side and the back end turns into a mini-torch or something equally useful.
Signature Attacks:
Current Points: 200/200pts

Cinder Turret: Summons a bright red egg-shaped turret that spits incendiary bullets at the enemy.
Summons a 30HP object that does 5x2 Fire Shot (passive), Acc A, 2TCD
30pts + (5x2)x3 = 60 pts
Pts Used: 60

Starmight: Astraea begins to glow with a silver light, pulling strength from an internal source.
20 Strengthen, 1TCD

Abductor Unit: Summons a stereotypical UFO shape that holds itself upright on three legs. A tiny, doodle-like image of Astraea can be seen in the cockpit. A small hook dangles on a shabby chain underneath the body of the machine. It throws the hook at enemies in an attempt to catch them and pull them closer.
Summons a 15 HP Object + Passive (5 Null, Thrown + Pull) Accuracy C ,2TCD
15 + (5+10)x3 = 15 + 45 = 60pts

Terraformer: Summons a bot-house is suppose to spawn bots that change nearby panels overtime. Instead summons a bot-house that changes the ground all at once then sends shock waves across the ground.
25 Hp + Medium-Area: Grass + Passive: (5 Null, Ground, Acc B vs Ground, Acc D- vs Airborne.) 2TCD
25 + 20 + 5x3 = 60
Points Used: 60
5 owned

Active Chip Folder
CannonDamage: 60 + Knockback
Accuracy: A
Description: A decent sized cannon with a single shot.
Duration: Once
Element: Null
Trader Rank: E

ShotgunDamage: 50 + Spread 1
Accuracy: A
Description: A gun whose shot penetrates an enemy to hit another one directly behind it.
Duration: Once
Element: Null
Trader Rank: E

RageClaw1Damage: 40 + Slashing (Attack) OR 20 + Impacting (Throw)
Accuracy: B / B then B
Description: Creates an impressive bear claw. Can be used to slash or throw enemies or objects.
Duration: Until Overridden/Broken. Breaks automatically after 6 uses.
Element: Null
Special: Throw: The wielder must first grab the target to be thrown, then the target is thrown in the direction/area indicated. A second check is made if against another object/enemy. Throw deals damage to both thrown object/enemy and the second object/enemy. Damage occurs at point of collision with the ground/wall/ceiling/etc. or an object/enemy, not during initial grab attempt. Objects deal their max HP in damage (instead of the chip's damage) if they hit an object/enemy, then break. If they miss, the object just takes the chip's damage. This chip has a variety of uses.
Trader Rank: D

Recover30Recovery: 30 HP
Accuracy: S
Description: Heals 30 HP.
Duration: Once
Element: Null
Trader Rank: D

Pulsar1Damage: 70 + Object Triggered Blast 2
Accuracy: A (Primary) / B (Blast)
Description: Fires a sound wave. If it hits an object, its range is amplified, hitting anything near that object in a blast of noise.
Duration: Once
Element: Null
Special: Object Triggered Blast: Blast effect that only works if the attack hits an Object, such as a RockCube.
Trader Rank: D

Unused Chips