Name: Clarke Bottoms, 'Scraps'
Gender: Male
Element: Electric
Subtype: Bug

Appearance: While described as a male above, Scraps has no distinguishing features that identify it as a male. However, it's voice is definitely that of a male's, giving it a masculine identity. This thing is definitely built as a machine and only somewhat resembles that of a human form. It is a quadrupedal machine with legs that resemble those of a spider jutting out of a blocky, segmented and broken torso. Unlike a spider, the legs are wide, strong, sturdy. Between the cracks in the torso, one can see a dull, thrumming whiteness. The occasional spark leaps out, dying out just as it leaves the body. Thin, fragile looking arms, definitely more in the vein of mechanical function than human replication, end in three pronged graspers that only somewhat resemble hands.

The 'head' perched atop the machine is less a face and more a simple reconstruction of the basic human features. Lenses represent eyes mounted on a metal bar just long and wide enough to mount them. Protective shutters sit atop the lenses, ready to snap shut and protect them, but truly they are only decorative in nature, serving to grant the machine a spark of character in emulating human eyebrows and eyelids. Note that they are incapable of moving down, or emulating the gesture of furrowing one's brow. They can only move up, expressing interest, shock and kindness. A solid bar sits just below the eyes, representing his mouth. It too is limited, unable to move, expressing only a stoic and unchanging face.

Personality: Scraps is subservient, helpful, and ever cheerful. He's actually incapable of showing emotions beyond this, which can lead to him delivering messages that are devastatingly sad in their failure to convey emotion, or terribly wicked in their lack of situational appropriateness. Add to this a persistent stutter from redundancies loading at inappropriate times and Scraps can seem like a real mess. He desires only two things in life. First, to serve. Second, to become a better, stronger, more perfect machine more able to meet the needs of his master.

That said, Scraps does harbor an old grudge. He is resentful of his creator's unwillingness to correct his flaws. Surely Reed knows, surely he could change him. He sees Reed's new creations, beautiful, flawless. Scraps feels antiquated, broken, a defunct and failing relic. This inferiority complex gnaws at him. Add to it one final shame. Clarke Bottoms was not his first name. Once, long ago, he was simply, 'Clunker Bot'.

Background/History: The two names say a lot about both Scraps and his operator. Reeds' insistence on treating his machines like people is what made him name him. Scraps, on the other hand, insists that he is what he is, and he's happy to be a machine. Built to serve, Scraps is Reeds' first successful attempt at a custom Navi, though Scraps himself will argue the success of this. Constant updates have allowed Scraps to perform at an adequate and comparable level to a modern custom Navi, but the base code was flawed, imperfect, prone to error. Reed has an ongoing dilemma about this. Scraps desires to be more complete, a better tool, but Reed fears that in 'fixing' him, he may well destroy what he knows as his old friend.

Custom Weapon: Leg Burst. Scraps' thick legs can open to reveal pods that discharge bullet-like projectiles.