Name: Spook
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Subtype: Variable
Appearance: Spook, being a detective for hire, uses a GMO to disguise as a standard, green navi, however, this is far from who he really is. His true form appears to be that of a silhouette figure, his face near featureless, aside from two white eyes, a small nose, and pearly white teeth... along with a battered, old fedora. The fedora itself has two bullet holes through where his actual head would be, and several burn marks across it. He's often seen with a cigarette bit between his teeth. His bodily attire consists of khaki slacks, dress shoes, a pair of grey gloves and a long trench coat and a scarf that hangs pretty low past his neck. Under his coat is a button-down dress shirt, solid blue. He appears to have an unlimited supply of harmless cigarettes and a lighter to light them. How Noir.
Personality: Arrogant and cunning all the same, Spook is highly analytical and often times uses his ego to only bolster his rippling confidence off-job. Like his Operator, on-duty tasks will nullify this pride with his strong sense of duty. While he represses this in-disguise and even off when investigating, he will revert to his usual self when discovered most times. He's not self absorbed, but often brags. Spook is also not afraid to admit defeat, only to prove to himself he's still got more to improve upon. He's got two habits. One of smoking his NetCigs, and the other to call Isaac 'boss'.
Custom Weapon: A silenced Luger 9mm pistol, a small muzzle enhancement lets this little baby stay quiet and small. The unsuspecting weapon.
Signature Attack:
Name: Data Sabotage
RP Effect: Using his technical know-how, Isaac frees portions of Spook's code to send varied packets of information, like a DDOS or even a direct file Trojan! Not only does it do damage, but it also fires the stream of data right into the target. If the packet lands, it sprays into a small cloud, concentrated on a single target. If it lands, any effect could take place, from a DDOS slowing effect to a right-up blinding Trojan, to movement impeding, or whatever! The packets are replicated from samples of other malicious programs confiscated during investigation. Using the bad guy's tools against 'em!
Shot Type Attribute (0)
Glitch x2 (-40)
20 Null(-20)
ToCD: 2