Name: Masuku.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
Subtype: Cursor
Masuku.EXE wears a long red and black jacket, blue jeans and a shirt with his NetNavi Emblem shown on it. His shirt and jeans are connected by a belt-like strip of metal with a metal disk with his NetNavi Emblem as the 'Belt Buckle'. He has red hair and two masks, that are attached to a strip of cloth around his head (horizontally) so that when one is on his face, the other will be on the back of his head. Masuku.EXE's masks are a white fox mask and a black mask that has only a cross hair design where his right eye is, with his left eye being covered with the mask due to no holes. Masuku.EXE looks like he is around 15 years old and he fights with a pistol-esque weapon that shoots flaming bullets.

Masuku.EXE is a happy, peaceful NetNavi outside of battle and loves to lend a helping hand but during battle he tries to stay calm and not let his emotions get the better of him. In his eyes, a friend of Joshua is a friend of his, and he also still treats you with respect even if you aren't friends with his Operator. When his operator is busy he often spends time meditating or practicing his signature attack.

Custom Weapon: Pyre Pistol

Signature Attack: Mass Destruction

Masuku.EXE pulls out a second Pyre Pistol and fires 3 shots, 1 from the second Pyre Pistol and 2 from the original. (20dmg Fire + 3 hits + 2TCD)(60 signature attack points total)