Name: Baccarat.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Elec
Subtype: Summon
(Concept image pending)
Baccarat is a medium-height, light brown-haired male Navi with blue-gray eyes. He wears a white, tuxedo with red trim along with a red dress shirt and long, black tie. The Navi itself has Caucasian skin and has a hairstyle with his bangs spiked up. He wears a black gas mask that covers his mouth and nose that has two filters that look a pair of white dice.
Personality: Baccarat is, in some ways, a foil to Blaise. While he is smart enough to be serious during appropriate times, he is more laidback, letting most social situations go with the flow. Because of this, he is not very helpful at discussing personal advice with Blaise. However, he is very competitive and a good liar, developing strategies to try to fool his opponents. Despite how bad he is at giving personal and emotional advice, He always tries to be supportive and cheer Blaise up, even if he never pays attention to the details or ideas that would.
Custom Weapon: Baccarat's weapon is a black cane with a golden cherry head. This cane fires short, yellow lasers that turn into small coins when it hits a solid object. (The coins are harmless and disappear after they hit the ground.)
Signature Attack(s):
Payout - Baccrat throws a glowing red die at his opponent that drains 20 health with direct contact and has a splash effect that hits in two directions. The splash damage does not drain. The "drain" effect has a visual effect that looks like 20 small, gold coins, being absorbed by Baccarat. It is an Elec Element move.
((20dmg Null LifeDrain)Splash2 + Throw type + 2TCD) (60pts)