Name: Pyromancer
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
Subtype: Break
Appearance: Pyromancer, a navi wrapped in both tattered clothing and enigma. Standing at a firm 6 feet even, Pyromancer is an average sized being, with human-like skin, and a nice beard-mustache combo that covers just his chin and his lips, nothing more. His eyes burn a deep red, and his hair is entirely black, including his facial hair. What he lacks in hygiene of the face and overall mass he makes up for with both style and flair (Badum tiss). Covering his face and eyes is a leafy-olive green cloth cowl, barely showing his mouth and nose, where usually wicked smile appears. Both of his hands glow with a warm, gentle, and red light, his palms carrying small wafts of flames. His torso is covered with the same style of cloth, going all the way down to his tattered leg coverings where they stop at his heavy boots, which are mud-drenched and well-worn. His hands are covered in manchettes wrapped in beads, exposing most of his hands and fingers. Pyromancer's voice is smooth and suave, giving off an air of superiority along with the taste of brimstone and fire.
Personality: An arrogant fire user. Like a counter to his NetOp, Pyromancer takes great pride and self-indulgence to everything he does. He often finds small things that people say to him a big deal, and even thrives on compliments and torching those he's told to. He has a strong distaste for the self-righteous, but can tolerate his own NetOp. Though he comes off as arrogant to others, he often finds soft spots for few, and treats them with vast difference, in the case of his NetOp and few navis he has met on his journeys with Andrew. Those he treats in this manner are often either treated like family or flirted to as if a love interest, as he tends to have none of.
Custom Weapon: Spitfire: A quick snap of the fingers releases a javelin-shaped spear of flame to smash the target, can be summoned as long as there are actions available for fire.
Signature Attack: Wisp of Chaos: Striking his hands together like a match to a matchbook, or two stones, Pyromancer creates a large burst of flame in which he throws at the foe, hoping to sear them in it's mighty blaze.
40 Fire Blast 2 + Charge Time + 2 TCD (60 points + 20 Nerf Points)