Name: Plasma EXE
Weight:110 pounds
Type: Elec
Secondary: Melee
Look: Plasma's suit is fully purple with three red stripes going from his right shoulder to the left side of his waist,his helmet is not open at the bottom but has four slits in the lower sides round the mouth and nose area for breathing and his helmet.His visor is shaped in an eye like a special features on lower body.

Personality:Plasma likes to Roam about and discover things but when it comes to battling he will try to take on anything and most likely succeed. Plasma loves mucking around with other navis and will do anything to jack in and play around. Plasma and chars get along quite well,but chars does get mad when plasma mucks around during battle.

Weapon:Plasma has a spear instead of a traditional blaster.His spear has a blade shaped like a spade(card)with a sharp tip for gliding through enimies with ease.