Name: Silver
Gender: Male
Element: Elec
Subtype: Team
Appearance: Silver is a silver dragon, about the size of a large horse, without counting his wings. While he is capable of flight, Silver is still unwieldy in battle, and prefers to fight from the ground. He has 4 powerful legs, a long spiked tail, and an overall gives the impression of a large predatory cat with the way he moves and interacts with his environment. His scales are the colour of polished silver, and look to be cast from the metal...but far stronger. He has large, blue eyes, a very expressive face, and whiskers that give him the appearance of having a moustache.
However, with a mouthful of sharp fangs, Silver is doubtful to ever appear harmless.
In the center of Silver's chest, a circular crystal like disc seems almost grown into the broad scales that ran along his underside. Running through the center of this disc is a silver lightning bolt, with two silver dragon wings coming from either side, as if in flight.

Description: Silver was originally created to be a battle mount, but had other ideas, proving to be a fully capable warrior himself. He is mischievous, daring, sarcastic and rebellious....but he also has genuine affection for Sir Nicolas, and will always act in his best interest, regardless of his orders in some cases. Silver is a real softie deep down though, and has a special love for adorable critters. While he can't talk per se, he is able to make noises like roars, snorts or growls to convey emotion, and has an expressive face and eyes.
He is also able to project the image of things he has seen, or places he has been, his thoughts and memories, instead of using words to describe the situation; this is primarily to use images as communication to other Navis in place of verbal descriptions of surroundings and enemies.
It enables Silver to transmit his thoughts and feelings as data; due to the nature of the data transmission, it can be picked up and downloaded by any Navi within speaking range, allowing them to see and experience it as well. However, the initial contact can only initiated with permission from the receiving party. This only can be used between himself and fellow Navis; the experience is, however often very overwhelming for the other party, so very rarely does Silver use it to communicate with anyone.

Custom Weapon: Lightning Breath-the buster weapon is replaced by lightning bolts that do equivalent damage, summoned from Silvers mouth in a similar way to how dragons traditionally breathed fire. Charging the attack will increase the power and damage of each bolt. Silver is also able to use his teeth as a melee attack.
Signature Attack:Lightning Bomb-Silver roars out a solid cannon ball of electricity at his foes, exploding on contact. 30Elec, Blast2 2TCD
SP: HP+50
4th Battle Chip: MaruBlaster1