Quote (NetNavi)

Name: KnockoutMan.exe
Gender: M
Element: Normal
Subtype: Melee
Appearance: KnockoutMan is a small navi, clocking in at just over 5'6", but is built like a brick house. His skin is a dark, dark grey, and is highlighted by the shiny, spiked red armor that adorns his shoulders and chest. He wears a digital mix of the boxer's regalia- tank top, headgear, weight belt, gym pants, boxer's boots, and a mighty pair of spiked gloves. The weight belt bears his insignia- a boxing glove from the front- and is mirrored by the two icons on either side of his head. KnockoutMan's arms are composed of wiry gray strands, and each have a single yellow leyline running down the outside from shoulder to glove. His elbows and knees are protected by flat, red, hexagonal plates.

Personality: KnockoutMan, unlike Mikey, is in his prime. He is full of fire, and loves to train, shout and brawl. He's not all business, and enjoys what he does. He can be a little reckless, and sometimes bites off more than he can chew. He gets bored with same-y training regimens, and is always looking for ways to spice up his workouts. He is friendly, but always pugnacious.
Custom Weapon: KnuckBusters- KnockoutMan's trademark spiked gloves can deliver quite a hit. He can even project thrown gloves as a ranged attack.
Signature Attack: Roll With the Punches
KnockoutMan knows how to take a hit, and can deflect blows to protects himself while he goes all out.
EFFECT: [3-hit Shield]; 2TCD

KnockoutMan retains all the standard regalia, but on top of it all is a dark grey set of sweats, complete with drawstrings and hood. A doubled white line runs along the outer part of each limb. Perfect for endurance training!