Name: Lumen.EXE

Gender: Male

Element: Null

Subtype: Bug

Appearance: Lumen's overrode model is designed to be light and agile. Looks fourteen, he stands around 5'8 virtually, no more than a pale humanoid. His starlight hair is shaped in protruding soft spikes styled to the back-right of his head. Overall, his slender form seems to be clothed in a black bodysuit; whitish stripes adorning his emblem. Around his neck partially covering his face is what looks to be a black muffler scarf that also doubles as a weapon, owing to the morphing capabilities of its two appendages connected to his back. As if one could see through his suit, from the depths of the black sprouts a stunning pattern of lights; a celestial design that starts in his chest -his core and spreads over his entire body. Same goes for his scarf-like cables that contain his adapter, however, the closer you get to the tips, the more the lights seem to cluster together. From his body to his limbs tones a gradual translucence, one could look through his limbs to see the other side of the world, though not untouchable. Like his starlit body, a twinkle could be seen now and then in his bright silver eyes. He is rarely seen without a white feathery cape draped around his shoulders. Lumen could float above panels, but he has an adapter installed in his program that allows him to feel the ground.

Personality: Lumen is generally soft-spoken, and greets others in a friendly manner. He tends to approach situations in a calm, thoughtful way, rather than running in blindly and with emotion. However, this does not mean that he will sit back quietly if he or his allies are treated poorly. Much like Durra, he is rather slow to anger, and might even look submissive at times, unless it matters his operator's well being.

Custom Weapon: Lumen's buster has no visible customization, but he is able to fire silver laser beams from his hands that are almost impossible to see. If by any chance the target comes too close, Lumen has the choice of throwing swift jabs or a powerful kick at his foe. Also, he could materialize his semi-physical cables as functional stabbing tools.

Quote (Signature Attack: 60/60)

Push: With great force, Lumen launches his right cable and knocks over an enemy, sending it staggering a distance backwards.
20 shot + knockback [1CD]

Pull: His left cable transforms into a black thorny tendril before stabbing an enemy and proceeds dragging the stuck enemy along for a distance when retreats.
20 shot + pull [1CD]