Name: Condor .EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Wood
Subtype: Wind
Appearance: Cyber height is 5'6''. Colour is brown, with cyan mixed in. Clawed feet, connected to armoured legs, Body is slender, with an armoured chest with turbines for shoulders. His wings are connected to his back, and are each 2'9''. His head is shaped like an condor's, with a helmet fitting around his head, leaving his face exposed. His right wing has a large scar on it, disabling it.
Personality: He rarely talks, but will converse. He sees Matt as a brother as well. An expert flyer, and master of Wood, he has used his skills to win the Yearly Yoka Zoo Net battle tournament 3 times. He can be overconfident, but if faced with a challenge, he will focus. He can't fly, due to his bad wing. Also, his shoulders have 2 honking big fans on them.
Custom Weapon: Condor Buster.
Signature Attack: Wood Wing. 40 damage. Condor charges up to his foe, and smacks his foe with his good wing. 1TCD.

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EDIT: changed second element, and should have fans on them now.