Name: Downpour
Gender: Male
Element: Aqua
Subtype: Melee


Downpour appears to be a navi in dog-wolf like armor, when on his hind legs he stands at just over 7 feet tall, but usually lays low to the ground, walking on all fours like a dog, making his height only around 4 feet on average and he weighs around 300 pounds, pretty heavy if you ask me. His armor consists of spikes on his shoulderpads and kneepads, all four appearing to be made of ice and stick out a fourth of a meter, and a long wire-like tail is present as well, tinted light blue as is the rest of his armor, his helmet is similar to that of a wolf, and the muzzle is where his mouth would be, but does not actually move, however, the eyes are replaced with a visor, where a human-like face peers out.
Personality: With the mindset of a domestic dog that just so happens to love everyone, Downpour is a very happy go-lucky fellow, with a knack for befriending just about anything that moves, making him a well known member of the net. However, pit him in combat and primal instincts kick in with Jackson's tactics, as he listens without question unless blatantly obvious. Of course, there are restrictions, if Downpour feels challenged, he'll go feral, if he is sprayed with a bottle, like you would scold a normal dog, he'll be shamed, basically like stated above, just like a dog.
Custom Weapon: Drench Claws; Downpour's sharpened and chilled claws, they are a foot long and are on each of Downpour's wrists, extended Wolverine style from his arms, and they radiate a hazy aura when in combat and begin to precipitate when around fire but not only that, they can also double as climbing gear...
Signature Attack: Slice n Dice; MELEE ATTACK; A Rank Accuracy: Downpour uses his Drench Claws in bloodlusting rage, dealing 40 damage if he whacks you with a swing and also has a Defense Piercing effect...
(40 Aqua Damage + Impact + 2TCD)