Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Subtype: Variable

In form, Blank Man bears an unmistakable likeness to an uncustomized NormalNavi. He is a bit taller than average and his color scheme is solid white, but he has the standard humanoid form with the rounded chest piece and shoulders and the large bracers and boots. However, there is one other significant difference that distinguishes him from the bog standard Navi: He has no face.

Little is known about Blank Man, even by his own operator. He is a Navi of few words, preferring to speak succinctly and only when necessary. He rarely shows outward signs of emotion, and sometimes there is doubt that he possesses them at all. Blank Man and Blanche have a mutual respect for each others' need for solitude.

Custom Weapon:
The BlankBuster is visually and functionally very similar to a NormalBuster. Its shots are white.

Signature Attacks [60/60]:
Data Drain - [30 Life Drain, Null; Melee Attack; 2 TCD] (Cost: 60)
With a touch, Blank Man can drain a program of its definitive data, assimilating it into his own code. As a possible side-effect, the target may also be temporarily drained of their color, in which case Blank Man will temporarily take on a faded color scheme based on the target's palette.

GreenNormal.GMO - Blank Man takes on the disguise of a default NormalNavi with a green color scheme, including voice modulation.

Subchips: MiniEnergy x2

NaviCust [25/40]:
Equipped - Undershirt, ResetStage
1x Cannon [60 Null + Knockback; Acc. A]
1x Rageclaw1 [40 Null + Slash OR 20 Null + Impact (throw); 6 Uses; Acc. B]
1x Shotgun [50 Null + Spread 1; Acc. A]
1x Recov30 [30 Healing; Acc. S]
1x TankCannon1 [80 Null; Acc. A] OR [80 Null + Blast 2; Acc. C]
1x FireHit1 [60 Fire + Impact; Acc A; Double Attack]
1x RiskyHoney1: [1-Hit Wood Shield + Riposte(10 damage x 5 hits + Homing): On Hit; Acc. A; Weak to Fire & Break; Blocks debuffs]