Net Navigator
Name: Dullahan.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Subtype: Break


Dullahan, at 6' 5", bears a well-toned build underneath a simple blue buttoned shirt and brown cargo pants. Easily can be passed off as a Netopian if he physically existed with his azure eyes and blonde hair, Dullahan dons a simple set of light armor, which comprised of a leather torso armor and arm guards, steel gauntlets, and plated leg armour.

Hanging to the right of his hips is a scabbard, secured in place by a practical belt. However, the scabbard may or may not come into any actual use, depending on his current weapon of choice.

With most of his longer hair tied to a short ponytail, Dullahan's head is mostly covered by a long, dark blue cloth, bundled up to be a bandanna/turban. Most of his frame is also usually hidden under a large coat of similar colours.

Despite his intimidating outlook, Dullahan tries to give a comfortable smile when in others' presence. While not as chatty as his Operator, Dullahan is much like a big, caring bear-- always the first to offer his help to those in need; but especially soft to other child-like programmes. He engages in battle only when it was truly necessary; as such, he gets himself involved with virus busting as little as possible. However, when he does find himself in an unavoidable battle, he could be as ruthlessly efficient as any other battle-oriented Navigator.

Dullahan speaks with odd and archaic words, tinted with an unnatural degree of humane wisdom for a Navigator. Having an immense level of patience, he never rushes through anything, and is willing to take a longer time to get things done the most efficient way (in terms of resources used).

Kept in an old data storage device and forgotten for twenty years, Dullahan's core programming is the result of an experimental AI base which included the chronicling of the journal's contents, embedded into the coding as his base programming. The author, being a renegade ex-knight of a medieval empire (of which, based on Richard's expertise, was not fictional), had kept the journal to write down his personal experiences. It was unknown as to the ultimate purpose of the journal, nor was it clear on what the name of the author was-- it was never mentioned in any of his writings.

Dullahan, while acknowledging that he was a programme, it was quite possible that he can be interpreted as a reiteration of the author in Navigator form. The name was given to him by Richard, not knowing any good points of reference and decided to just randomly pluck a name from an age old myth. "Suits you," Richard said, "since you both sorta have no identity. I think."

While perfectly fine with the way things were, playing assistant to Richard's lectures and doing the occasional troubleshooting (Richard's terrible with computers), Dullahan could not help but wonder as to who and why he was programmed into existence.

Custom Weapon:
His standard weapons include the a claymore, a sidesword, a short blade (dagger), and a composite bow. His application of the weapons, however, vary hugely depending on the situation.

Signature Attack: (620/620 points) - [Caps: 140 (210) / 25]
1. Focus - Passive Take Aim (10 x 4 = 40 points)
"It is all in the wrist."
Melee or ranged, Dullahan aims for a specific part of the target in his attack, greatly increasing his accuracy.

2. Recover - Passive 15HP Heal (20 x 4 = 80 points)
"Recuperate. Recompose. Recollect."
He catches a breath.

3. Steal - (Movement + 10DMG Stun) then (Melee 30DMG Life Drain + Impact) (140 points - 4TCD)
"Only fools will see blades as it was and nothing else."
Dullahan closes the distance between himself and the target, knocking the target with a blunt attack to stun before stabbing with a short blade, drawing blood.

4. Cover - Blast2 Blind (120 points - 3TCD)
"Grant not the gift of sight to your enemy."
Loading an arrow designed to combust quickly and entirely, Dullahan ignites the arrow before firing it towards his target, using the fire to create a smoke screen.

5. Decoy - Trap(Projectile attack): (2-hit Shield) Then (Confusion + 20 Strengthen) (140 points - 4TCD)
"Paint the picture. Be the artist. Be in control."
Dullahan feints being hit, but deflecting the projectile with his cloak as he prepared to counter the confused enemy.

6. Disarm - (Feint) Then (Disarm + 20 DMG + Knockback) (100 points - 3TCD)
"... And show mercy."
Moving into melee with the target, Dullahan parries the target's attack before moving to disarm the enemy-- either by jarring the target's hold on their weapon, or to break their weapons entirely.

Purchased assets from Rhea.EXE:
- Speed Upgrade V1
- Attack +1
- Rapid +1
- Charge +1
- NaviCust: Undershirt
- 14 Process Upgrades
- Battlechips:-

1. Shotgun x1 - 50DMG, Spread1; A Accuracy
2. Rageclaw x1 - 6 uses, 40DMG Slashing / 20DMG Impacting; B Accuracy
3. Guard1 x1 - REFLECT 60 once, breakable
4. MaruBlaster2 x1 - ELEC, 100DMG + Glitch |B| (Accuracy A after melee/sword attack)
5. Sword x1 - 6 uses, 80DMG Slashing
6. Mole1 x1 - Burrow/Submerge - 1 turn - Healing possible
7. Fireknife x1 - 60DMG, 6 uses, Fire, Slashing
8. Boomerang1 x1 - Wood, 60DMG, 3 targets
9. Curseshield1 x1 - Blocks 1 attack, charges attacking opponent. 160DMG
10. MoonBlade1 x1 - 90DMG, Slashing, Spincut. Accuracy B@1-3, C@4-6, D@7-8. Once.
11. Heatshot x1 - Fire, 40DMG + Spread1
12. DrillArm1 x1 - 60DMG, Break, Knockback, Long Attack. Target1 x2, Target2 x1 attack.
13. ElecShock - C Accuracy, Elec 80DMG + Panel Breaking + Cone Attack + Small Terrain change. 4 targets max.
14. Kunai1 - 30DMG x 3 kunais - Slashing. Thrown weapon; Accuracy B.
15. Arrow1 - Elec 100DMG + Homing, B Accuracy
16&17. MagBomb1 x2 - Elec 30DMG + Blast 2 + Stun, D Accuracy
18. Rope1 - Wood (50DMG + Hold) each for 3 turns
19. Flameline1 - Fire 70DMG + Ground Attack + Wide Attack, up to 3 targets-- Accuracy B
20. TwinFang1 - 70DMG x 2 targets
21. PhoenixShot1 - FIRE 70DMG + Wide attack, A Accuracy; T-shaped
22. ElemFlare - 40 DMG + Ground Attack + Line Attack3, B Accuracy
23. HolyPanel - 1 Holy Panel conversion.
24. DashAttack - 90 DMG + Impact + Line Attack5 + Movement; C Accuracy
25. AquaNeedle1 - Aqua 20DMG x 3 targets + Variable Targeting; B Accuracy
26. MetalGear1 - 50 Null + Break + Ground Attack for 3 turns; E Accuracy
27. DoubleJump - Free jump after initial jump. 6 uses.
28. Lock-On1 - 10 Null + Lock On x 6 shots; A Accuracy until destroyed (80HP)
29. GolemHit1 - 140 + Break + Panel Crack + Wide Attack; C Accuracy