Name: Chaos.EXE
Gender: ???
Element: Elec
Subtype: Summon

Appearance: Most of Chaos' body is built similar to that of a NormalNavi. The jumpsuit is primarily colored white, with silvery lines trailing along its arms and legs. Its gloves are a more detailed affair; metallic components dotted with blinking status lights form bracers around Chaos' lower arms, culminating in hands wired with miscellaneous circuitry leading to each fingertip. Its boots share the component "bracers" around the ankles, but culminate in simple NormalNavi boots. Chaos' chest is covered in silvery lines like its limbs but in a complex pattern, while its back is covered with circuits like its hands. These circuits reach down the backs of its arms and legs, and also connect up to its neck. Its neck connects to its most important component: a circular portal ringed with blinking machinery, approximately two feet in diameter. The portal rests in a dock on its neck, which attaches securely unless detachment is required. The portal's default state displays what seems to be an endless expanse of shining galaxies.

Personality: Chaos has no way of speaking directly, and communicates through other means related to its portal. It has a generally forward and logical personality, knowing little about established social norms and having no qualms about being entirely frank with others, including its operator. It does not mean to come across as rude or tactless; this can sometimes be the unfortunate result of its programming. When reprimanded, Chaos attempts to learn and rectify its behaviour, but these attempts are by no means always successful.

Custom Weapon: Buster

Signature Attacks:
Summon: Chaos
Chaos creates a lightning storm that targets two enemies directly. (30 Elec) x 2 targets, Drop-type