Name: Professor.exe (PhD pending)

Gender: Male

Element: Normal

Subtype: Team


Doddery, old man. Three words that describe the professor to the T. With wild, bushy, grey eyebrows that obscure and jut out further than the navi's wrinkly, round, bald head, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the professor didn't have eyes at all. Shrivelled by age, the navi's short 5'5" stature, combined with his hunched stoop only goes to enforce the fragile persona the prof exudes, yet the balls he has instead of feet allow for a spritely degree of movement. This, combined with his permanent, satisfied grin gives the air of an elderly grandparent, one who doesn't quite know what is going on but perseveres onwards nonetheless.

In an attempt to cohere the typical image of a scientist with the needs of a TV show host, the professor had been outfitted with a stylized lab coat that completely swamped his small frame; only his extremities visible from the ends of the coat. Originally a dazzling white, complete with a thick dark blue trim and navi symbol on back, the coat has seen better days. Numerous experiments and years of use and misuse have rendered the coat a dull white/grey, complete with odd chemical stains. The navi symbol the professor bares on his back is one of a stylised version of an atom. What else could it have been?


He's your favourite teacher/grandparent rolled into one. Designed to be the host of a science show aimed at the 5 - 12 age range, the professor was created to be the perfect combination of lovable and informative, tutor to all he meets. As a result, this navi is afflicted by a permanent cheery disposition and a tendency to turn any situation into a lecture.

Unfortunately, the years have taken its toll and as a result, the professor has suffered considerable data degradation. This manifests in multiple ways, namely the inaccuracies of the scientific data he gives out and his tendency to forget anything not immediately important. It is for this reason that the professor now requires constant care and attention from his chaperone when doing all but the most basic of tasks.

Custom Weapon:

With a near limitless supply of factually incorrect scientific knowledge, the professor can fire all sorts of oddities out of his array of hidden glassware, although most regularly this takes the form of a conical flask which fires green energy from its spout.
Signature Attacks: 420/420

Might-osis (Status Cure, 60 healing, Charge Time, 2 TCD) 80

"DNA is a most wonderful thing! Individual bases, A, T, C, G, etc. pair up in a helical fashion to spell out your own particular life story. That's why we scientists use microscopes because otherwise we wouldn't be able to read the tiny text!" - Prof. Professor

With a misguided mastery over the inner workings of the cell, the professor can cause cells in damaged areas to rapidly divide and thus, repair.

Neutron flux (80 hp barrier, 2 TCD) 80

"Neutrons are tricky folks. Most of the time they are happy to amble along with their proton chums, however they can be excited into action with the right provocation. Negative by nature, neutrons are repulsed by the happy, positive smiles of young navis like you!" - Prof. Professor

By reversing the polarity of the neutron flow, the professor can deflect the incoming attacks of his enemies.

ATP-ower up! (Strengthen by 100, 3 TCD) 100

"Maths is hard, kids! So keep at it or you'll end up like me, unable to do the most basic calculations. Good thing I can still excel in biology!" - Prof. Professor

Biology has always been an imprecise science in the professor's books. Hence, the equations that determine the power output of the good professor's cells are often highly incorrect and thus, the surplus imaginary energy can be used to his advantage.

Alche-mazing (1 Instance Haste, Accuracy Enhancement, 2 TCD) 80

"Alchemy is the fastest growing branch of science! By combining the right ingredients, all sorts of wondrous effects can be produced!" — Prof. Professor

With his mastery of alchemy, the professor can create a range of mysterious concoctions from everyday ingredients he finds on the floor. Imbibe at your own risk...

Quantum leap (Passive Movement) (20*4) 80

"Electrons exist at discrete energy levels. How do they transition from one point to another without a gradual change you ask? Magic! Or God. Science does not yet quite know." - Prof. Professor

As any good presenter knows, movement is the key to keeping an interested audience, so naturally, the professor whirs about in a constant daze.


Nitro 4/30