Name: Soul.exe
Gender: Male
Age: 40
Element: Wood
Subtype: Shadow


With his gold medallion, tanned skin, luxurious afro, thick chest hair and a winning smile, Soul is the 70s personified. Standing just under 6 foot tall by net standards, Soul is clad in a pristine white ensemble of a pair of bell-bottom trousers and a jacket, complete with a dark green trim. The coat itself is unbuttoned down to mid-chest, revealing a coarse tangle of black hair with a slight tint of green. An impressive head of almost black green hair adorns the crown of this fine specimen, taking the form of a perfectly spherical afro; however there is a small wedge cut clean through off centre to the left, from which sprouts a few leaves.

With a permanent smile beaming across his face, Soul has a handsomely chiselled face and a strong jaw peppered by a slight 5 o'clock shadow; he was obviously modelled after one of the lead researchers. With eyes that are little more than slits upon his face, his bushy eyebrows are the only balance that keeps his luminescent white teeth in check.

The look is complete by a shiny pair of white platform shoes, a collection of golden jewellery that adorns his hands and his necks and an amazingly gaudy golden medallion nestled amongst his chest hair.


Prideful to a fault and full of panache, Soul is the navi other navis aspire to be. Uncompromising and headstrong, Soul will not rest until he has proved that he was right, even in the face of certain failure. With a history of violence, it has only been the intervention and influence of Aida that has brought him to his pacifist persuasion and as such, he now atones for his past actions via a vow of non violence; he has made a promise to Aida that he will never again attack another with his own two hands. However, unlike Aida, Soul is not as naive to the world around him and as such, is willing to make the decisions that his weak hearted operator is not willing to make.

Nonchalance is his shroud, passion his face and joviality his action. Yet, within him lies the core of a shrewd, battle hardened fighter, trying to fight his true calling.

Custom Weapon: Along with his vow of non-violence, Soul has also removed his default buster. If the occasion ever occurred where he would need to use it, he would have to resort to throwing his seemingly endless supply of gold rings at his unwitting foe.

Signature Attack:


Good Vibrations (Illusion, 2 TCD) 50

Through years of positive reinforcement, Soul has managed to create such an intense aura from his very thoughts. This aura is so strong that with the right inclination, Soul can harness it in order to influence the energies of those around him.