Name: Vax
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Subtype: Bug

Appearance: It is hard to tell what Vax actually looks like, as every part of him is hidden by strange costume - unless the costume IS him. His face is covered by a bone white mask. The glass "eyes" of the mask are dull and lifeless, and the face elongates into a curved, bird-like beak. The mask fuses with a flowing red overcoat that reaches the ground and hides his feet - or possible lack of feet. The sleeves are beyond arm-length, and his hands are never seen, even when holding objects - most objects come out of his sleeves, and others are held by a strange cane that comes out of his right sleeve. On top of his head is a short, wide-brimmed black hat.

Personality: Vax has a very volitile personality. Somber and seemingly-soulless one moment, and excited and energetic the next, he is hard to predict. He has coughing and wheezing fits at times. He has a short attention span and problems with his short term memory. He flashes back to his times as a "medical" navi that treated other navis, and tends to refer to his opponents as "patients", and his attacks as "treatments". Whether he will be happy with a virus's deletion or mourn the loss of a "patient" is never predictable.

Custom Weapon: Syringe Buster. Originally developed to heal allied navis before it became corrupted. Fires syringes full of corrupt data out of his sleeves.

Signature Attack: LEECHES! : Fires lots of leeches at one enemy from one of his sleeves. Leeches cling to the enemy, engorging themselves on the enemy's data before exploding. After they explode, the sweet, sweet data comes pouring towards Vax, who "drinks" it through his sleeve.
Signature Attack data: LEECHES!: 30 Draining, 2-turn cooldown

Battlechips: Cannon * x1, Shotgun * x1, RageClaw1 * x1, AquaNeedle1 * x1
Subchips: MiniEnergy x2
NaviCust: Undershirt x1, Shield x1

NetOp: Aaron Corner