Name: Heather

Gender: Female

Element: (Normal)

Subtype: (Recovery)

Appearance: Heather's hair is about 71.12 cm long. She has blonde hair with a blue streak hanging in front of her left eye. Her hair is straight, and comes down to the middle of her butt. Her skin is as fair as snow, with eyes as blue as the sky itself. She stands at 5'9", and weighs about 150 lbs. Her bust is 34 C. She wears a one piece nurse uniform that cuts off at the middle of her thighs. Heather wears white fishnet stockings that come all the way up her legs. She has no blemishes on her skin.

Personality: Heather has no interest in men. She's of average intelligence, which makes her a lot smarter than Sara. She stays with Sara because she doesn't want her to get hurt or taken advantage of. Heather likes to try and see the good in people, but also knows that some people don't change.

Custom Weapon: Scalpel: The scalpel that Heather uses is body length, and sharp enough to cut the air itself. It's about 5 cm thick.

Signature Attack: N/A