Name: Nimbus.EXE
Gender: Female
Element: Aqua
Subtype: Wind
Appearance: Dark grey elbow-length hair parted down the middle with flecks of grayish-white spread out evenly. Straight near the front, gets feathery towards the back and ends. Dual hair intakes made up of three separate locks of hair on either side. Dark blue eyes, almost black. Slightly tanned skin. Fairly tall, at 5'11", although not as tall as her NetOp. Rather shapely figure, cup size 32D. The side of her head has the usual disc with a hurricane symbol as her motif.

Nimbus.EXE wears a dark grey bodysuit that covers most of her body except her arms and shoulders. It is made of a very strong material and features hard plating covering the more important areas. Over this, she has a white shirt with dual breast pockets and partially detached sleeves that go halfway down her upper arm, attached only by a strap going over her shoulders, thus exposing her shoulders and armpits. On the upper part of each sleeve, near the gap, are five red stitches that help hold it together. Each sleeve features her motif. She wears a pleated navy blue skirt, which goes roughly one-third of the way down her thigs, held up by two constricting bands that go over her waist, holding her skirt up and her shirt down. Two large front pleats are dominated by two more pockets, these are about twice as long as the ones on her shirt. The box for Gyrojet is on her left arm, as she is left-handed.

She has a pair of long, silver, aircraft-like wings on her back, whose roots run from the top of her scapula (On the inner side) to the small of her back. They are a silvery-grey color, with three black bars hanging from the underside (The side facing her front when she has them folded out). In between the second and third bars is a long stabilizing fairing, about as long and thick as her forearm. Her wings feature roundels, also with the hurricane motif.

She owns a pair of detachable, custom-made jet boosters that attach to her legs. They feature an intake on the back that runs down the back, turning to the outer side near the end as they pass her feet. There, they move into the body itself and meat the booster engines, which allow her to levitate over the ground. They don't work very well, however, and as such she is still unable to cross over broken or missing panels, and is effected by panel conditions, even ice panels. (This is a fact that angers her incalculably.) They feature knee joints to provide even greater maneuverability. They have a warning triangle next to the intake on the outer side, as well as her hurricane motif on the shin section. They're about 3/4 as tall as she is.

Personality: Affable, although not as much as Noah. Rather willful, likes to get her way, although she will accept defeat in battle or argument, although you'll need some great logic to make her consider her argument lost. Has a very deadpan, Pythonesque sense of humor, sometimes delving into black humor. Will sometimes go off on a tangent or ramble. Slow to anger, like Noah, but her anger is generally more explosive. Pointing out the fact that her boosters don't work is a very good way to get her very angry very quickly. Somewhat fickle, although she's quite loyal to Noah. Even though she's not truly flying when she has her boosters on, loves the feeling of floating above the ground, even if she can't get very high yet.
Custom Weapon: Gyrojet: Nimbus fires a set of three pneumatically launched rockets in quick succession from her rectangular buster.
Signature Attack: Gale: Gyrojet is replaced by a large cannon which fires a large blast of concentrated, humid air. It spreads out a little as it hits the target.

[40 Null | Spread1] - 2 TCD. Acc: A

Cannon - 40 + Knockback
Guard1 - (1 Hit Shield) + (Reflect(up to 60 + Piercing + Line Attack): On Hit)
RageClaw1 - 40 + Slashing (Attack) OR 20 + Impacting (Throw)
Shotgun - 50 + Spread 1
AquaNeedle1 - 20 x 3 Needles + Variable Targeting + Drop Attack
Ratton1 - 40 + Blast1 + Ground Attack + Homing
MiniEnergy x2
Undershirt, HP+50

Well, she IS an Aqua-type NetNavi with an Operator from a rather watery city. As a result, she naturally has a Swimsuit GMO. It is a simple bikini swimsuit, with a fairly large bottom piece and removable sarong that reaches her knees in length. The bikini itself is a ruby red, with medium grey straps, while the sarong is the reverse. It's a medium grey with red borders on it and her motif on the middle of it in red. It and the bikini are apparently UV-radiation transparent, as she seems to lack tan lines. Either that or she knows a salon in the area that other's don't know about.