Name: Bowman.EXE

Gender: Male

Element: Normal

Subtype: Cursor

Appearance: Bowman is a 5' 7" archer Navi with green shoulder and knee plates. The rest of his outfit is a light, flexible black suit that allows him to move freely without much restriction. His left arm is a buster/bow combination that generates an arrow and pulls the string back for him so that he does not have to use his free hand. He has an X-shaped quiver on his back, although this is only for looks. Like his operator, Bowman has a clear magnification scope that is attached to his left ear and covers his left eye, although he uses it when firing his bow. His Navi Symbol, a green target on a black background, is on the center of his chest.

Personality: Bowman's calm attitude is similar to that of Itazura's, although he treats others with much more respect than his operator does. Because of this, he is usually the one to communicate with others. During battle, he will follow Itazura's orders, but will also voice his own opinions about given instructions.

Custom Weapon: Bowman's custom weapon is a bow on his left arm.

Signature Attack: Lock-on Shot: (20 Null Homing; Shot Attack) 2TCD
Bowman locks onto his target with his scope, then fires a homing arrow at them.