Name: SkyFire.EXE
Gender: Female
Element: Fire
Subtype: Sword
Appearance: A slender young woman encased in a set of light armor-like material. The armor allows some flexibility but restricts gymnastic-like movements that require bending beyond a normal human being can extend without gymnast capabilities. she wears a helmet that wraps around her head like a motorcycle helmet with a single red light for visual interface whereas the mouth is revealed to the sides of her head. The helmet can retract behind her to reveal long flame-orange locks and counter-acting blue eyes. Her appearance is visually appealing to the male eye, but only when not in combat in which she could be considered a dangerous opponent. The armor is a material that resembles plated mail, colored in black with crimson red lining that has an almost neon glow to it. The back has 'vents' which give off the appearance of expelling steam from built up heat but this is mostly a cosmetic change rather than anything worthwhile in battle.

Personality: In combat, she is extremely ferocious and merciless. Almost seemingly having a sadistic nature with battles and can be seen to be cruel in her battle tactics. She shares nearly the same trait out of combat, being relatively nice but easy to anger. Loyal to her operator, she trusts him with her own life completely. Among friends, Sky still retains the same personality yet a slightly more relaxed and less harsh unless something crosses her the wrong way. When issued a challenge she may be just as quick, if not quicker, than her Operator to accept the challenge and be ready to battle even when there are other NetNavis in the immediate vicinity.

Custom Weapon: Skyblade: A black longsword-blade inscribed with the katakana for Annihilation in the blade.

Signature Attack: Hellfire Vengeance: Replacing her left arm with a temporary matching Skyblade blade, both become ablaze and slash for a single X figure for a close quarter hit.

[(30 Fire) x 2, Slashing; Melee, Multi-Hit] - 2 TCD