Name: Fictious.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Elec
Subtype: Break
Appearance: Fictious appears to be roughly 19 years of age. He is petite, appearing to be 5'7" tall and roughly 120 pounds. While supposedly male, Fictious is extremely androgynous. Pale skinned with snow-white hair and gold eyes, he wears a form-fitting suit of flat, diamond-shaped pieces of opaque black crystal (white light burns feintly along the seams between the pieces. Flattened rings of white crystal float freely around his wrists and ankles, rotating slowly. A thin, white, four pointed star of crystal rests in the center of his chest. Two whited crystal shoulder plates complete his outfit. The crystal material his clothing is composed of can take roughly the same force as steel, but shatters like normal crystal if broken.
Personality: Fictious's personality runs entirely contrary to his motif. He is a firm believer in the Laws of Reality and is continually exasperated by his creator's fixation on Laws of Fiction. A Deadpan Snarker, he provides a steady source of sarcastic Lampshading. Nothing irritates him more than his Operator's insane plans succeeding (usually because of his own, fiction-based design).
Custom Weapon: White light flows from one of the rings around his wrists and coalesces into a sphere of white light in his palm. Said sphere will shoot forward with a thought (although he favors a small flick of the wrist, in addition), as long as Fictious's palm is open towards the target.

His charge shot forms a long, sharp white crystal which shoots forward to pierce the target (aesthetically only).
Signature Attack: Climactic Finish: Fictious focuses his will, and the target is held in place by Dramatic Tension (represented by a perpetually changing circle of Latin text that appears beneath their feet) while Fictious gathers his strength for the finishing blow. Unfortunately, a certain amount of time is needed to build said Dramatic Tension.

Multistage:(Hold; Ground Attack) Then (Take Aim + Strengthen 30) {Nerf: Charge Time 1}{3TCD}
Program: Set Solar
Chip: MaruBlaster1