Name: Gear.exe
HP: 150
Level: 0
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Subtype: Break
Navi Customizer: Undersht, HP+50
Navicust Points available: 0

Gear has an imposing look. He is taller and bigger than most navis. The most noticeable thing about him next to his size is his design. He looks like a bulkier medieval knight, with an industrial theme, exposed gears and cogs on his body. His body is coloured an industrial grey.

Gear is direct. He is not afraid to point out the errors that his operator makes. Gear and Chris do not seem to get along very well at first glance, forever arguing about minor inconsequential things.

Custom Weapon:
Gear's gauntlets on the back of his hands, expands, and grows teeth. It then begins spinning around very quickly, allowing him to hit people very hard.

Battlechips: Cannon, Rageclaw 1, Vulcan 1, Shotgun

Signature Attack:
Clockwork Cannon (Null)
Damage: 30(30)
Blast: 2(damage cost*2)
(2 Turn Cool Down {TCD})