Name: Ember
Element: Fire
Subtype: Recovery
Appearance: Ember is one of Mark's primary projects during his learning in college, he is a Multi-maintenance Navi designed for securing and recovering any moderately sized network, server, or database. Mark created him out of the belief that due to viruses and navis becoming stronger, smarter, and more capable, automated security measures alone wouldn't cut it anymore. He takes the form of a large canine shaped navi with red fur and a cream underbelly. His head and neck area has three stripes of the same color as his underbelly going up from it. On his upper torso is a black metallic armor like plate that houses a beige barrel shaped container under his neck and a large cannon shape device behind him. The former being a storage barrel used for carrying objects, data, or loading information in an external AI, allowing him to instantly gain knowledge by having data and procedures placed within his external AI store and not having to compile it into his own memory. The latter however is a devise that although looks like a gigantic cannon can actually do more than launch firepower. It also can transfer data and material from the storage barrel and even be used to generate pulses that recover damaged data.
His toes and fingers are all black. He stands upright in a hunched position.

Personality: Ember is a good-natured navi who never seems to hold any kind of ill will towards others, even viruses. He does what he does because as a (prototype) security navi he has to. The external AI within his barrel allows him to instantly obtain full comprehension on procedures and information but only has so much space and is regularly cleared out to make room for future jobs, causing him to instantly forget past knowledge or abilities held within it, such as security codes or procedures for operating programs. He isn't exactly the smartest navi on his own and can be a bit gullible. Though he is usually obedient to his operator he does prefer to go off on his own and goof off, he gets bored easily and has a bad habit of shirking responsibilities because of that.

Custom weapon: Ember generally relies on the cannon mounted on his backside, but will frequently use melee assault when needed.




Treatment: Generate an energizing pulse that restores damage and recovers programs.
[30 Heal] 1TCD

Hack Missile: launch a ballistic that inflicts system corruption on whatever it makes contact with.
[10 Null + Glitch] Shooting 1 TCD

Restorer: Generates an energy pulse that terminates abnormal processes, restoring a subject to normal
[Status cure] 1TCD