Name: Kirlian.EXE
Apparent Age: 20
Gender: Male
Element/Subtype: Elec/Wind

Appearance: Additional reference
Kirlian sports dark blue, short-cropped hair above his magenta-hued eyes. He has equipped a bodysuit, comprising of basic dark, royal blue and grey as it's secondary color. A pair of cargo pants of similar color scheme is also worn by Kirlian.

What sets him apart is the equipment that he possesses. He has two armguards used to neatly bracket coils of wiring, which spans from below his elbow to his palms. Segmented pieces of rounded fibreglass material join together to form mechanical fingers for his right arm; his left arm is relatively human-like.

Similar brackets of coil are also found on his lower legs, with his feet being fully built out of insulated, non-shine rubber material, coated in black.

Wrapped around his shoulders is a backpack-like equipment to secure the two extended towers of coil to his back. Topping it all off is a pair of safety-goggles like visor and earmuffs with a built-in voice communicator. The goggles are capable of transitioning from a default clear and transparent material into dark, welding glass-type when he uses his coil abilities.

Following Kirlian are two types of bits of varying sizes. The most notable bit-- a circular, semi-circularly segmented bit surrounds him, possessing a passive, built-in electromagnetic mechanism. It can be activated anytime by spinning at high speeds, generating EM energy for Kirlian's use. The bit can be adjusted in size according to the coil charges maintaining the two segment's distance.

The smaller bits, arrow-tip shaped with a rounded middle, serve as sub-towers for transferring electrical charges when Kirlian utilises his coil energy.

Custom Weapon:
Ranged: Kirlian emits sparks of lightning bolt from one of his coils or his bits, damaging the enemy. Tiny beams can also be fired from the two tinier bits for damage.
Melee: Mixing close combat techniques and wielding his bits, Kirlian does damage by boosting his punches and kicks with compacted, repelling electromagnetic waves. Alternatively, he wields half of his circular bit in each hand, swiping it katar-like at the enemy.

Rigid in nature, Kirlian's an insecure young chap out to look for a way to please his Operator. Being the youngest in Cara's family of Navis, he is always pressurised to strive for the best records to beat his earlier brothers.

Because of this, despite his knowledge and expertise in electronics and electrical know-hows, and how useful he was to Cara in terms of carrying out her job, Kirlian still believed that he wasn't being of much help.

NCP: Undershirt, Set Magnet

Starter chips: Cannon, RageClaw1, Shotgun, MaruBlaster1

==Signature Attacks==
Title: Chain Lightning
Description: Activating his coils, Kirlian directs electrical charges at a single target. Electricity may carry over to other targets in range.
Effect: 20 Elec + Splash2
Cost: 30 points
Cooldown: 1 TCD

Title: EM Stunfield
Description: Kirlian's circular bit locates itself before Kirlian, spinning and firing a wave of stunning magnetic field towards one target.
Effect: Single-target Stun
Cost: 30 points
Cooldown: 1TCD