Name: Gait.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Wood
Subtype: Cursor
Appearance: Gait is a proportionately 5 feet tall and predominately dark green navi with a ninja esque design decorated with leaves. His footwear is a lighter green from the rest of his body and reaches up to the middle of his legs with the toe and Heel areas of the shoes tipped brown. The lower half of his face and neck are concealed by a dark green cover that connects to the rest of the body, and a brass ring is on each side of his head. On his head is a large leaf adorn head plate. His ensemble has leaf like patterns and shapes. he carries a bamboo spear with the sharp end shaped like a pen nib and is usually stained with ink, and the opposite end having a large brush bristle usually with paint already on the tip, the color varies. His insignia is located on his chest, featuring a 3/4 circle with a leaf silhouette at the open bottom left corner.

Personality: Gait is incredibly confident within himself and has a tendancy to overestimate his own abilities as a combat navi. he can in turn, also be mildly rude towards other Navis at times.

Gait tolerates his role as a sub illustrator and working assistant for his operator and seldom complains about anything in general. However, he actively enjoys net battling and seeks to prove himself as the best out of any other wood navi on the net.. Regardless of that he is still an enthusiast of art by his programming, and frequently draws at his leisure. most of his pieces however being self gratifying. When not drawing images of lore for himself, he typically illustrates his past experiences and previously seen navi's and virii.

Gait has a bad habit of drawing graffiti away from home. his brush is perfectly capable of drawing 2D objects on 3D space, thus he tends to leave around images of virii that are essentially cardboard cutouts that can potentially fool others, they are fragile however.

Background Gait was a composite made navi made by a scilab professor who was friends with Lawrence father. His code structure being a combination of His father's navi's backup data, and the source code of a standard graphic navi. Gait in his core is a graphic navi, his primary purpose being to quickly create drafts for Lawrence and aid him in graphic development to boost production speed.

The risk of being a navi is still present, and with how domestic navis are typically targeted for easy deletion by viruses and rogue groups, Gait was heavily customized for optimal combat ahead of time, though it may have been implemented for precaution, Gait takes full pride in his net battling abilities.

Custom Weapon: Gait has the ability to conjure and command leaves as if they were sharp daggers and surikens, though varying in size, they are at average as large as his hand.

His charge shot is Leaf Rush, which launches a huge volley of leaves at a single unit, dealing (Attack*Rapid*8) Wood damage, the leaves remain lodged into whatever they hit, this however serves no secondary purpose other than effect.

Most importantly however is his penspear, which can be used like a spear and can even be thrown like a javelin, the pen point can draw lines and fire ink arrows, and the brush line can be used to paint objects or decoys. the spear itself isn't one of a kind, gait can freely reproduce a new one at will if he loses his current one.

~~Signature Attacks~~

Crossblade: Gait retracts both large blade shaped leaves from his wrists and performs a quick simultaneous dual slash against a target in in close quarters.

[(30 Wood) x 2, Slashing]; Melee attack (2: CD)

Leaf wall: Gait holds his hand forward and generates a Circular wall of leaves in front of him to block the next incoming attack.
[2 Hit shield] 1 TCD