Gender - Female
Element - Wood
Subtype - Speed
Caramel-skinned, silver-hared, and built like an acrobat. Cheshire's clothing is somewhat unusual for a navi; instead of the default bodysuit or the usual variations thereof, the girl wears a short, figure-hugging dress of black silk. The dress is held with a simple knot at the base of the neck, to accommodate the open back. Broad ribbons of the same material wrap her legs above mid-thigh, and seem to circle her body beneath the dress to some extent as well -- held against her back by four loops of this silk is a large brass watch, with the image of a crescent moon carved into its face. This watch is silent, but incredibly unreliable, leaping forward and backward randomly at times with great speed. A great number of ornate anklets adorn each leg, jingling every so slightly with each step.
Her exposed skin is criss-crossed with bright red markings, like a tiger's stripes. They don't appear to be scars of any sort; rather, they look like pieces of some incomplete pattern covering her entire body. The effect is overall a little feral, aided in no small part by her bright yellow slitted eyes and the cruel zig-zag of her sharp teeth. Perhaps the most disconcerting feature of this navi, however, is her left arm. Bound from the shoulder down in the same black silk that wraps her legs, but without so much as a flash of skin showing through. In fact, there is no skin; her fleshed arm ends just below the point where the silk begins. While these wrappings usually keep themselves in the shape of a regular arm, they are capable of shifting on their own, as well as changing their length and other physical properties. This makes her left arm a versatile tool, although it isn't certain whether the limb possesses some intelligence of its own.
Mischief incarnate. Cheshire is vividly aware of the disquieting effect she has on some others, and quite enjoys taking advantage of it. Beyond that, she can be quite friendly, and even sweet. She has an enthusiasm for exploration and adventure in all its forms, and as a result can be quite reckless. She's generally cheerful and enjoys the company of other navis, but never quite gets over her tendency for fun at someone else's expense. There's a definite violent edge to this at times; sometimes, it even seems as if she's sizing someone else up for a potential meal. Even Iris isn't spared her unusual sense of humour, although Cheshire seems unusually tender with her at times.
Iris and Cheshire both possess an affinity for tracking down things that are lost -- or things actively concealed. The two ply their trade as "finders"; recovering lost or stolen items, reuniting estranged people, and more often than not "liberating" certain objects of interest on behalf of a zealous employer. Employment is discussed in secret, using the bathhouse Tonglen as a front. Prospective employers are never shown the identity of the finder -- missions and payment are discreetly accepted by the senior staff or Iris herself, and the object of the request is delivered in an appropriate manner upon their next visit.
Custom Weapon
Cheshire makes use of her wrapped left arm for most purposes, shifting it into different tools depending on the situation. However, she is versatile; she isn't afraid to use her hands, feet, or even her head to serve up some pain if necessary.
Signature Attacks

Little Shadow
It's difficult to do Cheshire any lasting harm -- minor cuts and bruises heal rapidly, and even truly devastating attacks vanish without a trace given enough time. Given close physical contact, she can temporarily mingle her program with someone else's to heal their own wounds.
15 Healing (20)
Passive (x4!)
80Pts | Passive

While she's not quite as fast as more powerful navis, Cheshire's reflexes and combat awareness have been finely honed by years of hunting. By focusing on the situation, she can close with an enemy and make a precise strike with what seems like very little effort.
Movement (20)
Take Aim (10)
Passive (x4!)
120₧ | Passive

Cheshire's core programming is, put politely, a great mess. While other systems keep it in a delicate balance, she can temporarily ease back these protective measures and expose those around her to her severe corruption.
Glitch 2 (40)
Nova 2 (x2!)
80₧ | 2TCD

Black Tongue
By separating her silken arm into its individual ribbons, Cheshire can attempt to grab and hold someone completely at her mercy. She often likes to throw them at something dangerous before they can free themselves. However, she finds it difficult to dodge much of anything while she's holding an enemy.
    Hold 1 (50)
    Freeze 1 (50)
    Glitch 1 (20)
    Microburst (40)
    Self Slow 1 (-40)
120(160)₧ | 4TCD

Soft Shock
A quick attack that allows Cheshire to cross the field in the blink of an eye and strike with piercing speed. It requires a great deal more discipline than Cheshire is used to, though, making her a little slow to start.
Teleport (80)
Break (20)
50 Damage (50)
Charge Burner (-30)
120(150)₧ | 4TCD