Name: Skyline.exe
Gender: Male
Element: Elec
Subtype: Sword

Appearance: His color is metallic, silver with a bluish tint with a dark, metallic, blood red, stripe going down his left a sign of respect for the comrades that he...left behind. He wears a black visor that covers slightly below eye level and higher. His helmet is slightly elongated in the back to make for more aerodynamic, faster movements when in battle. He has blonde hair, almost a golden type color coming out the lower bottom of his helmet, in a spiky style. He is left handed like his operator. Has a metallic black sheath like object going from top left of his back to bottom right, it has been custom made to hold his sword. Allowing for him to grab the sword from it using his left hand. The color of his hands and feet are both a shiny, metallic black. With dark, metallic red lines going down each of the fingers on his left hand coming to points at his fingertips. His sword is a metallic black with what looks like a blood stained red design going down the blade. It has blue and bright white electricity crackling around it. It is a rather large sword in width, thickness, and length. Weighing at about 5 times as much as a katana it is slower yet not to slow to fight with, and packs a whopper of a punch.

Personality: Used to be a military special forces Navi. He won't back down from a fight, for any reason, simply because when he does, it makes him feel weak. That is something that he can't tolerate. He loves being under pressure when in a fight and his performance increases when fighting a truly skilled opponent. Close to his operator, his last friend, due to the loss of his old team (the same one that Justice lost). Has vowed to find who ever caused it and take them down. No one has witnessed his speed do to the weight of this sword. Which he refuses to not fight with, thus sacrificing his speed. However He will drop it in extreme cases that require faster movements.

Custom Weapon: Fallen Angel (sword). Described in appearance
Signature Attack: Razor Lightning, causes 45 Elec damage by surrounding the opponent in a lightning storm while getting lightning fast, razor sharp slashes from Skyline as he dashes in and out of the storm causing 15 extra normal damage + (2 TCD)

Has NaviCust program, ResetStage