"Somehow everything's going to fall right into place."

"Hallelujah!" by Paramore

~Net Navigator~

"If only time flew like a dove;[i]
We could watch it fly, and just keep looking up!"

Name: Megami.EXE
Gender: F.E.M.A.L.E.
Element: Normal
Subtype: Variable

In detail, Megami.EXE is a very beautiful being with a motherly spirit.

Megami has long blonde hair that seems to go to the center of her back. This same here she has flows over her shoulders almost similar to a way Xenneth has, but considering its texture and abundance, it drenches her shoulders coveting her dresses shoulder areas. She has deep electric blue eyes, and ears covered by her hair. Her style is parted in order to show her forehead reveals a band of gold that rings its way from one underside of her lush hair to the next, and at its center converges her a circular gold rim and the center being a pendant of two connecting angelic wings small in size. The ends of the hairband that are visible have two hair clips that keep her hair from parting over her face and this part of her forehead.

Megami's upper body is slim and she has excellent curve figure. Her measurements consist of a striking thirty-three for the upper body, twenty-two around her torso, and hips of thirty-three giving her an hourglass figure. She has a pure white dress and robes in layers. The first layer runs from chest to her ankles as a wide and free dress that is smooth from the top to the waist line. However, from the waist to the ankles, it is ruffled in a creased like manner going around, but moves lightly around when Megami walks making it seem like it is floating along with her leg movements. The second layer is almost like a jacket as it runs from her lower chest area below her bosom to her shoulders. The opening is triangular and cut as it runs along the sides of her hips while the center leaves that triangular exposure to the first layer of the dress and her nestling bosoms. This layer connects from one side to the other with it pinned there with a large emblem that is her NetNavi icon of a single angelic wing (as displayed on the top of the profile) and the top over this dress showing the flesh of her neck up. The second layer is long sleeved, running from her unseen shoulders coveted by the long layers of hair to the wrist that are open and wide thin cuffs with them opened like blossoms from which her delicate hands reach from.

The lower body is mostly left to without need of description seeing that it is coveted by the same dress. However, he bulging hips give some form to the lower layer of the dress before the crease leaves the rest to the imagination. Under this, Megami wears a garter belt and long upper leg high stockings that are strapped to this. They reach to her very toes that are nestled by her white heel lifted stiletto shoes that she often dances on. The heel is not very high, no more than three inches at the very least. Her overall body height as in the cyber word is at average five feet-ten inches making her Net Op often feel inadequate in comparison. She doesn't have any identifying traits in particular, but she does have golden bracelets that snap around her ankles, and her wrists over her skin tight clothing that channels her ability over "Aura."


Megami's appearance is mimicked from the appearance of the second Goddess of the Norn, the three faith sisters. These sisters govern past, present, and future. It's because of the qualities of this NetNavi focusing strongly around the Goddess of the Norn's second sister, who governs the present, she takes the form of a delicate young woman with flowing robes and a care free attitude. This has a major impact on her personality over all as she strongly lacks "information" unlike most NetNavis, adapts to "Emotions," and very much has a tender link to her NetOp's feelings as if he's family seeing he is the very first person she is familiar with and programmed to look after.

When it comes to Megami's personality, it is not very much like any other NetNavi. Her "programming" could be said to be "flawed" upon most scientists who observe and look her over. This is mostly because she is free-based and experimented on to have a more "emotional" impact and not mainly focused on development of following orders, but making judgment based on "right or wrong" and gives strong consideration. Her very most powerful trait is her motherly like instinct to "care" which is brought about from her wanting to monitor and watch Xenneth making her not only judgmental, but defensive because of his sense of justice and delicate nature making him primarily innocent in every other way. This personality gives positive growth to Megami.

When it comes to Megami's relationships, she can be quite "ignorant" compared to the rest of the network, because of her being far from the nature of a NetNavi. Instead of basic instinct of a NetNavi, she was left blank which makes her become declared as a "defective" NetNavi, but to Xenneth, this makes her perfect seeing it makes him feel as he has more of a friend rather than some simple tool for the Network. Her relationships with other NetNavis mostly makes her strive to acquire knowledge, learn how to become as ordinary as any other NetNavi, but at the same time, she can not fight the instinct to be something much "more" in definition.

When it comes to fighting, she absolutely detests the idea! Megami's idea of fighting makes her often draw back, or strongly disagree, but nevertheless, it is because of some things that can only be solved through fighting that she impulsively engages and with a strong will that can topple most. Her fury is unleashed in a series of attacks and strikes that mount and set up the opponent for a down fall showing she mostly plots and plans her attacks and movements in battle. She understands some concepts such as fighting and defending ones whom are in trouble or are a threat to others, but she does not often let this leading to deleting others as she is merciful. Viruses, which are lack awareness and fight off the instinct to destroy, are an exception to this rule unless they have some special qualities about them.

Over all, Megami is a NetNavi that is far from ordinary, but more or less with the grace of a "Goddess" in most peoples' opinion because of her being the "Unpredictable variable" as her abilities can be mundane one moment and skyrocket the next because of her strong will. The only thing more unpredictable than her power, is those same powerful emotions she hides from her NetNavi whom she has fallen in love with.

Battle Style:

Megami is not accustomed to using all sorts of weapons that are to overpower the enemy or using them in order to completely "destroy" an opponent. Megami depends on her style and grace; reliant on the strength between herself and her Net Operator that goes beyond perimeters of the network in certain moments because of her "free" design (The "Free" being the 'Heart and Will' she has with her personality shaped around to being a "Goddess," with her knowledge being limited on her being nothing more than a program.) Her affection causes her to unleash her restraint increasing the damage of weapons either over periods of time or instant. She summons weapons acting as if she is casting spells, or summoning her swords or hand-based weapons by grasping them instead of attacking them to her limbs depending on how they are handled.

Custom Weapon: [Bare-Shinsei] (Divinity Volley)

Megami's basic buster attack consists of her gathering the essence known as "Aura" into her right or left hand, and then sending it flying forth as energy burst from her hand. This channels her most basic instinct, turning will and essence into power and using it for battle. It does damage that is based on her own attack strength and rapidness of her gathering the energy to cast the single release of energy of course. This is mostly preferred other than charging her energy since she is very restricted because of her pacifistic nature. This reflects Megami's NetNavi nature and specialty that being she can purify (debug) programs that become hostile or filled with errors.

NaviCust: (25 pts/40 pts)

Persistent Heart {Under Shirt} (10 pts) ~ When Megami suffers fatal damage, her HP instead drop to simply 1 HP. This program does not work when Megami is at 1 HP.

Angel Guard {Shield} (15 pts) ~ Megami forms a shield made out of "Aura" and solidifies as her NetNavi symbol with the projected Angel Wing to negate enemy attacks once per turn. Stacking this program adds more hits.

::[Signature Skills]::

Sig Stats:
Level 0
Points Pool (In Use): 60/60
Signature Skills: 2
Process Upgrades : 0/0

Shinsei Kuiki (Divinity Sphere) [Active Signature]
Desc: Megami's most used signature attack and most basic. She gathers the aura from her will and body, basically like "Divinity Volley" attack, but this is on a larger scale. Taking that energy, hardening it, concentrating it, and perfecting it's form, she then casts this sphere forth in order to cause damage to the enemy. Its size is half as a large as her with multiplied strength many times greater than her sphere, and so it is enough to cause some damage in this form.
Damage: 40 Null Damage
Effects: Shot-Type Attack (Free) + 40 Damage (40)
Sig Cost: 40 Points
1- Turn Cool Down

Shinsei Reiki (Divinity Aura) [Active Signature]
Desc: Megami generates an Aura! Rather, her energy barricade is more like a barrier because it's high release with very less density than an aura. The field is capable of blocking a certain amount of damage before dissipating completely and leaving Megami vulnerable.
Effects: +20HP Barrier (20)
Sig Cost: 20 Points
1- Turn Cool Down

"Let's make this last forever!"


BattleChips {Side-Satchel} (4):

Cannon [40 DMG+Knockback] {A}
Shotgun [50 DMG+Spread1] {A}
RageClaw1 [40 DMG+Slashing / 20 DMG+Impact; 6-Uses] {B}
Guard1 [Reflect (60 Null Dmg + One-Hit Shield + Piercing + One-Line]: On Hit) {S}

BackPack {Reserves} (0):