Name: Durandal.Exe
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
Subtype: Sword

Appearance: Durandal.Exe is designed to resemble a knight from medieval fantasy. He stands at about 6'3" and weighs 215lbs without his armor. He has shoulder length, jet black hair that he wears in a tail and pale gray eyes. He wears full plate mail that is more form fitting than traditional knight armor; a trait common among fantasy armor. The armor is jet black with little embellishment. He is equipped with a traditional knight's helmet complete with a visor; however, he generally only wears it in battle. Attached to his waist is a crimson cloth tasset that consists of a half circle that wraps around his waist and his open in the front. Durandal wears his sword on his left side, the sheath attached to his leather belt.

Personality: Durandal is a strong, self assure Navi. He believes in doing what is right and has no qualms about doing what needs to be done in order to ensure justice. He is faithful to Katherine and thinks of her as his queen. He is comfortable around others and usually acts as a go between for Katherine. While he doesn't enjoy combat, he doesn't shy away from it in his duties for Katherine.

Custom Weapon: A straight, double-edged sword with a cruciform hilt. The blade is four feet long and crafted from a silvery metal. The guard and pommel are golden while the grip is wrapped in black leather.

Signature Attack: Allegro: Dance of the Blades - Durandal dashes forward and overwhelms his opponent with three quick slashes with his sword. [Multi-Hit, Slashing; Deals 20x3 DMG] 60 Points, 2 TCD

1. Acciaccatura: Explosive Strike - 50 Fire DMG + Impact + Stun
100 points, 3TCD

Durandal strikes his opponent in the face, or equivalent, with the pommel of his sword. The attack causes a localized explosive designed to bypass certain defenses and stun the target.

2. Forte Con Fuoco: Flame Shield - Heals 30hp + 3-hit shield
100 points, 3TCD

Durandal's armor is covered in a layer of flames that restores some of his lost vitality. He can use the flames to form a shield that can absorb a few attacks before it dissipates.
Name: Hauteclere

Gender: Female

Appearance: Hauteclere is a young woman barely out of her teens. She has milk white skin with a smattering of freckles across her cheeks and nose. Her shoulder length hair hangs straight and is a dark red in color. Her eyes are emerald green pools. Hauteclere dresses in medieval fashion with green tights and tunic. She wears a sleeveless white gambeson over her shirt, the padded vest serving as her armor. Her boots and gloves are fashioned from blacked leather along with a pair of bracers that protect her forearms. Embossed into the bracers is a silver wing pattern. She wears a black leather belt, the buckle worked to resemble a silver pair of wings, with a sword strapped to her waist. The sword is of pale steel, almost white, with a silver hilt. The cross guard is shaped like a pair of wings and an emerald is set in the pommel. Hauteclere can always be found with her shield in one hand, a small wooden targe wrapped in leather died green. Silver studs hold the leather to the wood and a pair of wings is embossed in silver on the front of the shield.

Personality: Hauteclere is protective, some would say overly so. She takes her position as Durandal's shield maiden and squire very seriously. She would rather die herself than see him injured. Of course, being a knight, Durandal is loathe to see a damsel come to harm. As such, this puts the two at odds when it comes to their respective roles in combat.

Despite being a warrior in her own right, Hauteclere is pure and unworldly. She understands little of the outside world and is far more trusting than she should be. She views Durandal as her liege lord much as he views Katherine in the same manner and seeks to serve him in his duties.

Element: Null

Subtype: Shield