Gender: male
Element: fire
Subtype: wind
Appearance: Kyuubi's appearance is that of a black anthro fox, he stands fairly tall. If he was human, it would be around six feet. He has five tails and across his back is a pair of swords that blend into his fur perfectly, and he knows how to use them.

Personality: Kyuubi is outgoing, serious to those he doesn't know, and in battle, playfull to those he knows, and loves to pull pranks. Though he will only pull pranks on friends or those that have managed to seriously annoy him. He and Kage often get into arguments though nothing ever serious. most of the time the arguments are somewhat comical, if out of place.
Custom Weapon: The twin swords on his back, exceptional for close combat and defense.
Signature Attack:
kitsune bi (fox fire): With a wave of his hand, kyuubi sends a fireball at his opponent. (30dmg Fire + 1 Turn Cool Down) [30pts]
Tsume ya kitsune (claw of the fox): Kyuubi attacks with his swords. (30dmg Null Melee + 1 Turn Cool Down) [30pts]