Name: Yosar.exe
Gender: Male
Type: None
Subtype: Cursor

Appearance: Yosar is a very human-looking Netnavi. He stands at an average 5'9", and has a head of tangled black hair. He sports at jet-black jacket with an undone zipper in front and 2 yellow stripes running in a circle around his chest. The jacket's collar is flipped up, and reaches slightly above his chin. A white undershirt is underneath. His pants are also black, and slightly loose. He also wears heavy combat boots, colored dark gray with white trim and laces. Yosar is typically scowling, but softens up (a little) when talking to Christine or friends.

Personality: Yosar, under first impression, is stone-cold, unflinching, judgemental and curt. However, between him and his operator he becomes a different navi. While his outer shell is calm, scowling and tactical, on the inside he is more friendly and peaceful. While he is nowhere near the level of energetic that his Op exists on, he is definately more accepting of those he deems accepting of him and his Op.

Custom Weapon: Yosar's weapons of choice are his dual automatic pistols which he holsters on the inside of his jacket. They fire with impressive speed and accuracy, and Yosar;s mastery of them make them even more deadly. All of Yosar's chip weapons transform from these pistols into their respective forms.

Signature Attack: Rapid Fire
Yosar fires a barrage of shots, peppering any enemies stupid enough to be targets.
(10x6 Multi-Hit Null damage)(2TCD)

NavCust: +50 HP, Undershirt
Chips: Cannon x1, Shotgun x1, Rageclaw x1