Name: Illusionist.exe
Element: Aqua
Subtype: Shadow
Personality: In a few words, Illusionist is moderately haughty, overconfident, and (naturally) deceptive. Making both his tactics and his methods as full of trickery as he possibly can, Illusionist relies on his enemies' inability to see through his illusions to keep himself out of harm's way. Less obvious to the average individual is Illusionist's disruptive habit of not always telling the truth in a straightforward manner, or indeed at all. But while he believes himself to be above others in the realm of fighting, he will show respect to those that he believes to be more powerful than himself. And, as noted in the operator notes for Max, he holds respect for Max as the one who finally won him as part of a netbattling competition.
Description: Illusionist stands at 5'10", thinner and more lightweight than the typical navi his size. He is clothed in the typical navi bodysuit, with the significant modification that his is bright white, bordering on silver, in color.

Over the bodysuit is Illusionist's armor. He has thin boots that just cover his feet, extending to about his knee where a small spike on each leg extends to over the knee. Two larger rings surround his upper calves, floating around the armored boots with roughly an inch of space in between the rings and the boots, which move in a very slightly delayed fashion whenever he takes a step. Past the spike at his knee allowing him to bend his leg, another portion of his armor extends to his waist on both legs. While a small line of white separates the front and back of the armor, the majority of the armor is an almost silvery blue color. The armor around his waist is the same color, and has a dark blue strip roughly where a belt would be.

Illusionist's torso armor is a bit more grandiose. His navi emblem rests on his chest, a vertical rectangular mirror slightly misaligned along a diagonal cut. The armor on his torso is just as thin as that which covers his legs, and is the same light blue color with breaks of white lines running through it along his sides. Curved plates cover his shoulders and extend slightly down over his shoulderblades, darker blue in color and linked by a small arch of armor. This arch can be used to summon a dark blue cape if Illusionist wishes, long enough to reach to just below his knees. The armor on his arms is similar to that on his legs, save for the rings around the boots not existing around his gauntlets. Instead, they appear in situations where Illusionist needs some sort of outlet through which to channel his power.

Lastly, Illusionist's helmet is a gleaming helm that extends around the side of his head and leaves his face largely unarmored. His bodysuit does extend past his neck and under his helm though, leaving only his eyes uncovered. His eyes don't have a set color, but instead cycle through colors depending on how he wants to project them. Favorites include silver, gold, and dark brown. There are two bladelike protrusions on the helmet, roughly an inch and a half to either side of the middle of his head, colored slightly blue against the bright silver of the rest of the helm. The bodysuit over his face is looser than that which covers the rest of his body, allowing for speech like a cloth covering and clearly outlining the rest of his head.
Custom Weapon: Illusionist attacks with pulses of energy summoned from one of the mirrors that he conjures.
Signature Attacks: Illusory Wave (60/60 points used)
Description: Illusionist summons a mirror which glows blue before creating the image of geysers around the field, which begins flooding in the affected area. The water then moves to surround the enemies, whether it be through regular flooding, a massive wave, or torrents from above. While the image affects his enemies, Illusionist also creates a small genuine area of water on the field.
Effect: Illusion, Small Terrain Change (Sea)