Name: Miasmel.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Subtype: Guts
Appearance: A navi that is 5' 11" in height. He wears a gas mask and visor, and two gas canisters on his back. Several tubes go around his body. The canisters are transparent and contain a green/purple/gray gas.
Personality: Miasmel is a very cruel navi, who will do whatever he wants to drag out a fight and generally just make people angry. He has a short temper, and can make rash mistakes when losing a fight. He will make fun of Walyn whenever he messes up on something.
Custom Weapon: Chemical Spray
Signature Attacks:
Poison Mist [passive, no cooldown] Delayed Damage Attribute: 5 Null for 3 turns

Navi customizer contents: Undershirt (10), Set Sand (15).
Navicust points available: 25/40