Name: Nitro.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
Type: Break
(Member of the NetMafia Teksqp Family)

Appearance: Nitro has brown hair and green eyes. He wears a light green undersuit with a yellow stripe running down each side. His armor, starting from the bottom and working up, wraps around the top of his legs and comes down about halfway down his calf, making two septagonal rings. His torso armour wraps around his waist, and comes up at the front to the middle of his chest, which has his navi symbol (described below.) It then divides and travels up to each shoulder where it attaches to two shoulder pads, each one coming to a point at the end. His visor has an orange lens coming across his eyes, with a piece of armor holding it in place from the top. It comes to his ears, where it comes down to a point after circling the ear. The center of these two rings is grey, then yellow.
Nitro's symbol is a circle divided into six parts, each alternating black and white. Each slice has a dot of the alternate colour.

Personality: Nitro is a very bold Navi, and he is very outgoing. He is very rowdy, especially in battle, and gets angry quickly. However, he knows when to smarten up and act serious, though he may have trouble doing so.

Custom Weapon: Nitro's buster looks normal enough, but it fires bombs, each one able to be set for an individual delay time before it explodes, although they are usually set to explode on contact. It also has a display detailing Nitro's HP, the temperature of the buster, and the status of any allies he may be battling with.

Signature Attacks (700/700):

Overheat: Nitro fires a chain of ten bombs out of his buster, which can be aimed at a single target. This overheats the buster, however, and Nitro takes damage from it.
Points: Multi-Hit Attribute: 10 Null DMG x 10 Hits (100 points) - Buster Lock (-50 points) = 50 points (3 turn cooldown)

Healing Hand Grenade: Nitro aims his buster directly at the ground below him and fires. This may not seem like a very intelligent decision, but one would notice, if they looked closely within the split second that the bomb leaves the buster and hit the ground, that said bomb is actually a shining golden colour with two red bandages forming a cross on it. Using the medicinal properties of his name-sake chemical, most of Nitro's wounds are immediately healed, along with any friends (or enemies!) that happen to be standing near him at that time.
Points: Heal 60 (80) + Blast 1 (80x1=80 total) = 80 points total (2 turn cooldown)

Molotov Cocktail: A dark green, translucent wine bottle appears in Nitro's hand, with the label displaying his Navi symbol against a lighter green background. Rather than being full of a tasty red wine, one would find that it is instead gasoline that sloshes around inside the bottle. With a flaming white rag stuffed into the neck completing the whole thing, Nitro lobs this at his opponent, the now-flaming contents splashing all over said unfortunate recipient. The contents, perhaps assisted by an unkown second ingredient of Nitro's, also splashes onto a large section of the battleflied, centered on the target, changing it to a Lava-type terrain.
Points: 50 Fire (50) + Large Lava Terrain Change (Zone) (40) + Throw-type attack attribute = 90 points total (3 turn cooldown)

Short Fuse: After Chris noticed that Nitro had a bit of a temper, he decided that he might as well make it useful. With some careful coding, Chris has been able to use Nitro's anger to activate an overclocking system, which enables him to boost the firepower of his attacks, as well as enable him to shrug off damage more easily. However, this boost in strength comes at a price: the overclocking process is taxing on Nitro's system, and as a result, he takes some slight damage.
Points: 50 Strengthen (50) + 10 Damage Resistance (50) + 15 Self Damage (-20) = 80 points total (3 turn cooldown)
Fluff: Only usable when health is at 120 or lower (self-regulated)

Combo Sig: Green Missile: Through their mutual affinity for explosives and munitions, Nitro and TNT have devised a rather unorthodox method of both damaging opponents and transporting Nitro quickly from one end of the field to the other. TNT materialises a oversized rocket launcher, measuring roughly seven feet long with a maximum barrel diameter of two and a half feet, which, in actuality, looks like a giant, elongated version of both Nitro and TNT's buster, with a green body and red trim, complete with a display on the top (merely for show). The weapon is set down on its end, and Nitro jumps inside. TNT, through the magic of the Net, lifts the massive bazooka onto her shoulder, chooses her target, and fires, sending Nitro hurtling toward the enemy at ridiculous speeds, coated in a temporary suit of metal. The initial firing of the weapon causes a burst of smoke and flame to flare out of the front and back, causing minor damage to anyone in the vicinity, barring TNT. The real brunt of the attack comes from a solid, metal Nitro ramming into his opponent. Upon collision, either with the enemy, an obstacle, or just the ground, the steel coating explodes into shrapnel, leaving Nitro perhaps somewhat dazed, but otherwise unharmed.
Points (Nitro): 80dmg (80) + Microburst (40) = 120 points total (3 turn cooldown)
Points (TNT): 25 Fire (25) x Nova2 (25x2=50 points total) = 50 points total (2 turn cooldown)
Fluff: Both signatures must be used at the same time. If one is still cooling down, the other cannot be used.

Nitro's Secret Recipe: For a weaker, yet quicker way of strengthening his attacks, Nitro produces a small beaker containing a special blend of explosive liquids and compounds, then proceeds to use it on his weapon of choice in the manner most appropriate, whether it's pouring the blend in it, on it, or, if neccessary, drinking it.
Points: 10 Strengthen (10) + Passive Sig (10x4=40) = 40 points

TNT: Dynamite Bundle: Tina produces a bundle of iconic red dynamite sticks, five small ones fastened to one slightly larger one, which she swings by the lit fuse before lobbing at the enemy. Typically, the fuse of the larger one is measured out to detonate upon reaching its intended target. This initial detonation causes the smaller sticks to be pushed out in five different directions, with their fuses measured out to cause detonation a few seconds after the initial explosion.
Stage 1: 20 Null DMG x Blast2 (20x2=40) + Thrown-Type Attack Attribute (40p)
Stage 2: 1 Action Delay + (5 Null DMG x Blast2 (5x2=10)) x 5 Targets (10x5=50) (50p)
40p + 50p = 90 Total (3 turn cooldown)

TNT: Blast Step: To help keep Tina out of potentially dangerous situations and closer to where she's needed, Tina is able to quickly hop around the battlefield with the utilization of small, localized explosions. Of course, being too close to Tina when she decides to make use of this ability may cause a slight burn to those not expecting it.
Points: Movement (20p) + 5 Melee-Range Fire DMG (5) x Passive (25 x 4 = 100p)

Soul Crosses:

JailCross (Lvl 2)
Element/Subtype: Normal/Melee

Description: Nitro loses his traditional green armor, navisuit, and visor, in favor of a somewhat tattered black and white striped prison uniform. Small tears decorate the arms, legs, chest, and back, revealing scars presumably earned from being jumped in some out of sight corner of the yard. His hair becomes a bit longer and messier than usual.

Custom Weapon: The only sort of personal defense Nitro can lay claim to is a prison shiv, fashioned out of what would appear to be a broken metal lunch tray, with some torn bedsheets and bandages serving as a handle. If that fails him, he can always resort to using his fists and feet to keep the enemy at bay.

Cross Signature Attacks (160/160):
Shaw-Shanked (40 Null DMG + Melee + Impact(20) + Break(20) = 80 points)(2 turn cooldown): Provided he can get in close, Nitro jabs his target with his trusty shiv, and pulls out a small rock hammer. He then strikes the end of his shiv, driving it in hard through the enemy's personal defenses.

Last Meal (60 Heal (80) + 60 Heal (80) - Self Slow (-40) - Off Target (-40) = 80 points)(4 turn cooldown): Apparently whatever Nitro did to get in prison was enough to land him on Death Row, because with this ability he's provided with the traditional last meal: a medium-rare steak. Nitro only needs one bite to feel its effects, healing him by a considerable amount. However, given the nature of the meal and what it represents, Nitro can easily slip into a bought of depression and despair, making him less willing to avoid incoming attacks, or ensure his own attacks connect. Nitro can elect to share his meal with another "inmate" (read: partner), in which case he is provided with two slightly smaller steaks. Again, only one bite is needed for the healing effects, and only Nitro is hit with the soul-crushing downside.


Classic.GMO: Nitro gains a much simpler look with this GMO. He retains his green undersuit, but loses the yellow stripe at either side. His shoulder armour joins together at the middle, and becomes longer at both ends. He loses the armour covering his chest, and gains armour around his pelvis. He also gains elbow armour and his boots become much more simple. He also loses his buster, and must throw bombs instead of shooting them. His visor dissapears and his symbol is relocated onto his back (not seen in picture.)

Demogirl.GMO: As the result of either a get-rich-quick scheme or a cruel joke by Chris, Nitro's body is changed to that of a woman just out of her teenage years. His(her) overall design remains mostly the same, aside from the obvious change in shape, with a few exceptions: The septagonal pieces of armour normally around his(her) calves are rotated slightly, to face outward. The stripes along his sides continue past his(her) waist, and travel around to the back and inside of his(her) legs. His(her) boots also take on a sleeker design. As well, in this GMO, Nitro's voice changes, to match his(her) new form. However, underneath all those curves, he's still a guy at heart. He(she) does aquire the ability to turn on the feminine wiles at the drop of a dime, however.
As a side note, in this GMO, as well as a few others, his glove usually stays a glove, but can change to his standard buster if the need arises (the opposite being true for his standard form).

SwimwearM.GMO: Nitro loses his armour and bodysuit, revealing a slightly pale, somewhat toned body. He gains a pair of dark green trunks that stop just at the knee, which have a single yellow stripe running down the left side. In addition, he gets a pair of orange tinted sunglasses, and a small tattoo of his navi symbol made into a bomb on his upper right arm.

SwimwearF.GMO: Once again, Nitro's gender (and Chris' intentions) are called into question with this GMO. He regains his figure from the Demogirl GMO, and his armour is replaced with set of swimwear. His skin is a bit more tan than this GMO's male counterpart, but it remains just as toned. Nitro's swimwear is a two-piece ensemble. The bikini top is a simple dark green, with a yellow stripe running down the left breast, and the bottoms are also a dark green. Like the male version, Nitro gains a pair of orange tinted sunglasses, and a small tattoo of his navi symbol made into a bomb on his upper right arm.

Uniform.GMO: With this GMO, Nitro completely loses his standard gear, in favour of a uniform more befitting a mafioso. Nitro gains a black jacket, with gold trim around the cuffs, a gold collar, and gold buttons. Underneath this jacket is a simple white dress shirt, with a green tie. He also wears a pair of matching black pants, with a gold belt fastened with a silver buckle. On his left arm, he wears a gold arm band displaying the Teksqp symbol superimposed upon his own. To complete the look, Nitro's hair is slicked back. His hand is normal by default, but when in battle he can change it into his buster when needed.
Name: TNT.SP (aka Tina)
Gender: Female
Element: Fire
Subtype: Guts

Appearance: TNT stands a couple inches shorter than Nitro, in terms of real-world measurements. Her armour shares a similar pattern to his, with a few minor differences; the boots and gloves are more slender, the ringlets on her thighs are rotated differently, in addition to lacking the septagonal protrutions, the armour on her torso lacks the piece connecting the top and bottom, leaving the ring around her waist seperate from the rest, and the visor is slightly altered. Otherwise the only differences between the two are colour. TNT sports a red colour scheme where Nitro sports green, and the lens of her visor is tinted blue. In addition to this, her hair is a light brown colour, done up in a ponytail, and her eyes are a deep crimson.

Personality: As far as personality goes, TNT (or Tina, as she prefers to be called) is very different from Nitro's. She is a very calm and collected person, with very strong control over her emotions. She is also adept at finding alternate solutions to problems, where Nitro would typically take the more direct route. The cool, calculating personality she gives off may seem somewhat cold to some, but she is actually just as personable as Nitro, prefering to introduce herself instead of Nitro doing it for her. The two very different views that Nitro and Tina occasionally puts them at odds with each other, and, whenever they are in an argument, she is quick to gain Chris' favor, much to Nitro's annoyance. However, she is able to put these petty feelings aside in order to help Nitro when he needs it.


Uniform.GMO: Tina gains a uniform very similar to Nitro's own Uniform.GMO, but with a few exeptions. To start, Tina wears a short skirt in leiu of pants. Second, her belt is located above her jacket. Third, she wears a red tie instead of a green one. Also, unlike Nitro, her hair remains in its standard ponytail.